X-mas in Berlin

It’s now officially that time of the year. So don’t hold yourself back. Splurge on Gluehwein, forget your gym pass for a moment and knock yourself out with a delicious Wurst or simply enjoy the chilly but unique atmosphere of one of over eighty Berlin Christmas markets. Every single one of them offers something special you won’t find anywhere else.

The closest one to Amstel and certainly the poshiest is the Weihnachstmarkt at Charlottenburg Castle. No other X-mas market in Berlin combines such a great variety of goods and gifts sprinkled with a touch of winter fairytale. You rarely find as many attractions happening in one place. Don’t miss a golden tents where artists and furniture designers present their best and most priceworthy pieces. For kids there is ferris wheel and a petting ZOO. If you’re looking for a family adventure this market surely ticks all the boxes.

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