Martin Scorsese in Filmhaus

To simply call him one of the most prominent and essential American film-makers of all time would certainly be an understatement. ‘Marty’ has always aimed to be more. A great storyteller, a captivating narrator and a skilled architect of human emotions. In addition to dedicating his life and career to preserving cinematic art, he also became one of the founding members of The Film Instiution, an organization established to protect international film heritage. The German Museum of Cinematography celebrates Martin Scorcese’s 70th birthday by taking you upon an intimate journey through his rough childhood days in Little Italy, his first steps into the world of movies. It offers a peek behind the curtain of film making viewers rarely get a chance to see – ever wondered how a scene is born in director’s mind? How do you create just the right perception without a word being spoken?

Wandering the halls of a two-floor exhibiton, you come across both audio and video excerpts, personal correspondence between Martin and his fellow directors and a rare photo material you may have never seen before. But perhaps, more important than the original Kate Hepburn dress from The Aviator is the story the exhibition attempts to tell. A story of a man whose unique family environment, a sense of brotherhood both binding and regulating, had a profound influence on his approach to creative directing. Characters and places vary but people find themselves facing identical situations, coming up against the same issues. Scarred by betrayal and fear they yearn for a safety net but end up being trapped instead. Caught up in default conditions they seldomly escape the lure of violence  ever searching however for the exact opposite – peace and balance.

Gearing up to Berlinale, this is an exhibition you should definitely not miss!

Where: Deutsche Kinemathek Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Potsdamerstr. 2

How to get there: From Amstel House take the U9 underground line in direction of Rathaus Steglitz, get off at the U-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten. Change onto red line U2 in direction of Pankow and get off at Potsdamer Platz.

When: 10.1.2013 – 12.5.2013

Entry: 5 Euro, students 2,50





Transmediale 2013

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The motto of this year’s Berlin’s biggest festival of digital culture is BWPWAP. And no, we did not drop off on the computer keypad there. Do you remember the time Back When Pluto Was Still A Planet? Grab your Ipad, google the date or scroll down your facebook timeline…what do you find? Does it matter? Is ‘had been’ revelant? In words of Kristoffer Gansing, the creative force behind the project, Transmediale is about things in our digital life that we consider a past but they still very much influence our day-to-day life. Pluto lived through its identity crisis as a planet  in 2006 while print media grapple with their own digital dilemma every day.  Print media have turned digital but it seems their ‘paper’ past is far from over. Last year’s event called for users’ misbehavior bringing focus on the incompatible parts of our technical world. This time, experts set the tone by attempting to recreate and reanimate what’s considered out of order regardless if it is marketing friendly or not. Read more

Berlin Fashion Week 2013

Year after year fashionistas from all over world flood to Berlin to experience the unique transformation of city’s winter gloom into colorful world  of modern creativity represented by the industry’s best.

The trends of the season become alive as designers, customers and specialists come together to set the tone of what’s in and what’s out in 2013. Posh catwalks, glamorous events and cozy showrooms unveil the secrets and surprises artists have been working on and allow the audience to gain an insight on new trends and directions.

There is more!