Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2013


You are an inspiring artist or a wannabe music producer? Do you have what it takes to manage a music band on tour? Are you a good storyteller but still feel like there is a room for improvement? Do your communication skills leave a lot to be desired? If your answer on at least one of these questions is ‘yes’, we have a summer experience cut out just for you. The Summer University of Arts at the Berlin University of Arts offer a rich variety of high quality seminars and courses collaborating with its departments of performing arts, fine arts, design and music. From 15th of July until mid October you will have the unique opportunity to take up a number of classic master classes or take part in dozens of experimental and academic workshops. As an international artist of any art discipline you will have the chance to experience both the traditional as well as contemporary heritage of the Berlin University of the Arts. 


Presented and developed by renowned instructors, The International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship offers artist and designers various courses in areas  such as: Networking and Communication, Career Planning and Self – Marketing and Organisation and  Arts Mangement. Artist often abound in creative ideas that however seldomly lead to a successful businnes. What it takes to turn this powefrul potential into blooming industry? Let Ulrike Müller and her course on ‘Starting your own creative business‘ show you the know -hows. Once your carrer is on track, the question of professional self – promotion comes in. How do you communicate your work in an international environment? Why should it be you and not the others? Discover the do’s and donts of former sales, different negotiations strategies and money talk approach with Ida Storm Jansen and her class on ‘Self-Marketing in the International Art Scene‘.

In the area of Arts Management, Burkhard Glashof, currently tour-managing some of the world’s most prestigious symphonic orchestras, gives you an insight on the role of record companies, PR agencies and concert promoters  in carreer of young musicians. Moving on, in a three-day course, run by Karin Kirchoff, you’ll learn how the cultural funding works in Germany, how to write a good application and how to calculate right before you set your sight on performing arts as your line of work.

Accentuating the creative aspect of an artist, courses in Performance include ‘Storytelling – An Introduction’ led by Ragnhild Morch, a professional in storytelling as well as Abbi Patrix from France whose long career with Campagnie du Cercle, makes him a pioneer in the discipline as well as the art of improvisation. Musicians, shouldn’t miss out on the workshops of Music Therapy under direction of Barbra Wheeler . The Louisville professor will present clinical practice and applications designed for people with severe neurological disorders.

If you want to gain perspective on Berlin’s architecture while learning from the best, set on a five-day expedition through Berlin’s museums accompanied by Bettina Habsurg – Lothringen from Musuemakademie Graz. You will analyze, compare and ultimately asses the permanent collections and art aesthetics –  sign up for Fine Arts adventure now! Lovers of DesignResearchLabs research and explore the future live-styles in an original workshop led by the University’s best.

  • How to apply:

e-mail:  or courses.

phone: Stephanie Schwarz/Matthias Manneck/ phone : +49303185-2087, fax : +49 30 318 5 -2690

  • Main venue

UdK Berlin Career College, Berlin University of the Arts, 10719 Berlin 1 -12, Germany

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