Vinyl in Moabit lives on!

Vinyl Laden 001We all know that it was the video that killed the radio star. Vinyl, on the other hand, is made of harder stuff. At least in Moabit. Thanks to the small but neat shop in Oldenburgerstrasse, Vinyl in Tiergarten survives and we dare say flourishes.

Vinyl Laden 008Whether it’s the sentiment that brings you here or just sheer curiousity, both are going to be more than satisfied. The Vinyl selection is rich and rare but so is the CD one. Whether you come to sell or buy the enthusiastic staff is going to make you feel like this is where you belong.

Vinyl Laden 005The service ranges from simple sell and and purchase to fixing any problem you may come across with your favorite record. Meet VinylBerlin  at Amstel House 100th anniversary event on the June 15th and stop by their market stand to see what the buzz is all about!

Vinyl Laden 007

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