Wall on Wall – Photo exhibition on the Berlin East Side Gallery

Berlin Fotofestival 2013 presents: Wall on Wall by Kai Wiedenhöfer. A Photo exhibition on the Berlin Wall about Walls that worldwide separate people.

Over a length of 364 meters at the back of the East Side Gallery, the longest piece of the Berlin Wall still standing, 36 panoramas, each 9 x 3 m tall, to see pictures of walls from 8 regions of the world – walls that separate people, perpetuate conflicts where dialogue is necessary. The images were produced by the Berlin photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer.

Since 2006 he has photographed eight border and separation walls around the world: in Baghdad, between North and South Korea, Cyprus, between the U.S. and Mexico, between Spain and Morocco, around the Palestinian territories, in Belfast and at the former German-German border .
In 1989 Wiedenhöfer photographed as a young student the fall of the Berlin Wall. For him it was the most exciting and positive political event of his life. Like many other people at the time he believed that with the fall of the Berlin Wall other walls would be torn down too. Years later proved the opposite. Old walls were cemented; new ones were added as a result of conflict – in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Shocked and to show that walls are not a means to solve global political and economic problems of our time, Wiedenhöfer launched its long-standing gigantic wall project.

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