travel tips – packing checklist for backpackers

top 25 backpack packing checklist

We thought we might help you with this packing checklist. We did an extensive survey with our guests at the Amstel House Hostel reception and this is the result: the top 25 things you want to pack in your backpack next to your clothes:

passport (valid 6 months+)
any required visas
travel documents
driver’s license
cell phone, charger
power converter
wallet (money, credit cards, insurance cards)
flash light (or cell phone with flash light app)
first aid kit
scissors, tape, travel sewing kit, match box
daypack, laundry bag
hat / cap
notebook, pen
rain gear
water purification tablets
mosquito repellent
flip flops

And as long as you are preparing, check our top 10 list of handy travel apps. Travelling solo or keen on meeting new people while travelling? See our 15 tips to make friends when arriving in a new place.


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