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nerdy berlin

Photo: Philipp Kuelker © Computerspielemuseum

You feel more home behind a screen than anywhere else? You know Klingon better than your mother language? CS, LoL or Dota are no foreign words for you? Then this article might be right for you! Welcome to nerdy Berlin!

First things first. Good news for all the Nerds out there! The Olympic Council of Asia announced that competitive videogaming will be an official medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games in China, which means esports are one step closer to being featured in the Olympic Games. At the Asian Games 2022 eSport athletes can win bronze, silver or gold. With this welcome news, we made a list of nerdy locations in Berlin:

Interface Bar

From gaming tournaments, board game nights to quiz nights – this bar offers you everything your geeky heart asks for. Also they are streaming all important eSports events, like other bars would show football games. You can find it near of the Amstel House and it’s just a 15-minute walk.

Perleberger Str. 17, 10559 Berlin


The famous Meltdown is another gaming bar, which you can find in district Neu-Kölln. This establishment is focusing on gaming and eSports. You can show off your skills on the various PCs, while everyone is watching or participate in one of the few tournaments in Meltdown! They are also streaming all important eSports events.

Urbanstraße 87, 10967 Berlin

Computerspiele Museum

The computer games museum was founded in 1997 and takes you through the history of gaming. From the first commercially operated gaming maschine to virtual reality, here you won’t miss any highlightes of the past and present time of gaming. Play classics like Donkey Kong, Asteroid and Space Invaders.

Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin


This store can be found in the heart of Berlin and gives you the chance to buy all the nerd stuff you never knew you always wanted. Books, clothes, costumes, figures and even furniture are offered in Elbenwald. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Alexa Shopping Centre, Grunerstraße 20, 10179 Berlin

nerdy berlin

This post was written by our beloved receptionist Eugen.



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