Vinyl in Moabit lives on!

Vinyl Laden 001We all know that it was the video that killed the radio star. Vinyl, on the other hand, is made of harder stuff. At least in Moabit. Thanks to the small but neat shop in Oldenburgerstrasse, Vinyl in Tiergarten survives and we dare say flourishes.

Vinyl Laden 008Whether it’s the sentiment that brings you here or just sheer curiousity, both are going to be more than satisfied. The Vinyl selection is rich and rare but so is the CD one. Whether you come to sell or buy the enthusiastic staff is going to make you feel like this is where you belong.

Vinyl Laden 005The service ranges from simple sell and and purchase to fixing any problem you may come across with your favorite record. Meet VinylBerlin  at Amstel House 100th anniversary event on the June 15th and stop by their market stand to see what the buzz is all about!

Vinyl Laden 007

Karneval der Kulturen

It’s definitely one of Berlin’s cultural highlights of the year. Celebrating its ethnic diversity since 1995, this event brings out into the streets people from all nations for a four day long playlist of live music, dance and great entertainment.

Berlin’s international population is booming. The estimated number of its citizens with a foreign passport is astounding 450.000 inhabitants. Out of the 3.5 millions, many have a mixed ethnical background.The political unification of the East and the West brought about changes. As a result of these mostly economical changes, social and cultural conflicts and differences started to become more and more apparent, creating tensions within Berlin’s blooming society. The biggest challenge of the newly formed communities was to merge but maintain – their cultural identity within the face of rising prejudices which became part of a public discussion at the time.Coincidentally, throughout this turbulent time period, Berlin found itself in the center of artistic attention – musicians streamed into the city contributing to its diverse flavor and richness and to its open-minded spirit.

The Carnival of Cultures has become an essential event to Berlin’s rich background variety and its growing communities. They see it as a challenge, as an open invitation to recognize the culture of their origin on an international platform while redefining their own views on their cultural identity. They must not be at odds as the Carnival attempts to prove every year. And we dare say succesfully.

When: 17-20.5.2013

Details: Here












photoIt is quite a history. So we thought we would invite you for a little trip down the memory lane and let you check-in into Amstel some hundred years ago.

A city’s historical monument, constructed in 1913 to host young single men, the building became an important part of the growing Moabit neighborhood. Its original name was Haus Wichern, due the theologian and missionary Johann Hinrich Wichern, famous for his social commitment and work. The official opening, however, happened one year later in honor to the 25th anniversary of William II’s reign. The commemorative plate can still be seen in our backyard.


Designed by architect Otto Kohtz and coordinated by Emil Schütze, the project was considered really modern for its time. The benefits of light against the then common illnesses had just been discovered. Therefore the large windows of the lobby, which allow a wide input of light. Under the roof, at the last of five floors, there were baths, showers, a swimming pool and a roof garden, all quite unusual in the beginning of the last century.


The most impressive, however, was the facade, which remains exactly the same until the present days.  Made by sculptor Georges Morin in Art Nouveau style, it recalls the Lüftlmalerei, an upper-Bavaria art form of mural paintings. The figures of the first floor represent the typical crafts of the Schlafgänger, a characteristic group of local workers of Bavaria that during the time of industrialization would pay a small fee to rent a bed for a few hours.

4537_82706184795_7711453_n Hundred years have passed and although the history had completely changed the symbols in our bright yellow unique façade do not let us forget the origins. Since 2005 as Amstel House Hostel, backpackers and families from all around the world are daily hosted here for an affordable price. We particularly consider a luck having such a special building as our house and a great privilege to be able to offer such thing to our guests. We wish you a historical experience from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed.

To learn more on the history of the entire Moabit neighborhood and taste all its flavors, make sure to mark the 15the June 2013 in your travel itinerary!



Celebrate with Amstel House!



Join Amstel House and be part of its 100th anniversary celebration event! Come along for the unforgettable trip down its history lane. A day filled with art and music perfomances, live entertainment and fun activities for kids and adults. Topped off with great food and drinks – June 15th 2013 is ours! Don’t miss it and book your bed now! We’ve heard the hundredths only happen once! Stay tuned!

Berlin Gallery Weekend 2013


If you should believe the popular mockery going around Berlin these days then this nine year-old event is nothing more than a posh assembly of mediocre artist putting up a nice show-off. The glam is on but the concept is allegedly missing. We hear you, critics. The exorbitant funds galleries invested into a two-day venue could be allocated into more long-term projects of even higher quality aiming to attract wider audiences. However, we also agree with the galerist Tim Neuger that the weekend’s main objective remains to introduce 51 emerging artist on an international platform of Berlin, creating an an enviroment where the artist’s body of work, an exhibition place and a spectator merge in one. Admittedly, there is art that does not fit the gallery space whether by accident or design but that is not a reason to not enjoy the event for what it is and simply be a consumer. Here the highlights!

‘It’s the rules and conventions that hold us a prisoner’, she once said. ‘I wanted to make it them invisible’. So, a couple of years ago Eva Kotatkova turned her grandmothers’ aparment, a leftover from a socialist era, into a personal cave. She boarded herself in a corner, installed a false floor with tight openings in which she resided. She shot the whole process on camera. As a result, a person feels confined in a space and its movements are limited. When she presented her work as a part of ‘Using Own Language’ exhibition she built a tunnel – the only way to enter her exhibiton was to squeeze through the unstable construction. This time, this awarded Czech artist, introduces her paintings, collages and sculptures in the Meyer Riegger Gallery.

Barbara Weiss Gallery in Kreuzberg invites you to see works of Ayse Erkmen. Ever fleeting, avoiding the timeless, relying simply on flexibility of time and place and the reality of then versus now, the Instabul born artist reconstructs old sculptures and steers away from longing for the new. In 1994, walking down Oranienstraße you may have noticed a string of black words painted on a facade of one of its houses. Harking back to her heritage, these words were no real words they were verb endings. Verb endings used in Turkish language describing a story from a perspective of the others. Split between two cultures, she rarely interprets her art. It does seem like it tells a story of its own. Or you do?

First woman to ever win the Grand Austrian State Prize, Maria Lassnig made the Capitain Petzel her temporary weekend getaway. Focusing on body awarness, this pioneer of Austrian art scene, accentuates the striking world of human emotions. Her work as seen in Karl Marx Straße, has never before been exhibited outside her own studio. Don’t miss it!

The Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery has certainly hit the jackpot with Oscar Murillo. This young painter, a graduate of London Royal College of Art cerainly won’t dissapoint. He’s been known as constantly crossing the line of ideal concepts of the ‘Making Of’. He often works with video and participatory installations. A manifestation of body in transit, Murillo defies the traditional way of making art within the walls of one’s studio as a potential for functionalism and liberation. He sees these aspects within a community, out on a street or at parties and they posses the same importance and stimulation as the aformentioned.

Certainly, the Gallery Weekend could use less glam and more modesty but when splurge why don’t do it in style? ‘Special about weekend is the fact that we invite the art public to visit our galleries. It should not be anything special, really but the more marketed the art is the more it moves away from its point of origin and that is our goal – to bring back the art to places where it is truly presented and exhibited’. So much from the gallerist herself, Joanna Kamm. Keep your eyes and minds open and you may be surprised what this upcoming weekend may bring!

What: Berlin Gallery Weekend

Where: overall Berlin

When: 26-28.4.2013
































Pictoplasma Berlin 2013


All of you aspring artists, illustrators and designers out there, perk up. There is no better way escape from grating Easter winterland than to take part in world’s leading contemporary character festival taking place in Berlin.  Pictoplasma presents year after year an astounding mixture of art dialogue, fascinating conference lectures and animation  screenings. Presented by more than dozen artists and accompanied by 25 character walk exhibitions, this event becomes more than just your typical weekend getaway. Pictoplasma not only connects but educates and creates unique characters on a new level.

The Conference

You’ve been a doodler ever since they invented school desks? Then the container of Platton Kunsthalle promises to gather the best of the best for an out of this world doodling sessions – just drop in on the Character Lab. You might find yourself performing next to the imaginary Sound Creatures of David Kamp. Pass by the Platoon Bar to meet new enthusiastics and bond over great coffee or over cold beer. This years’ highlights on this vivid creative platform include Sue Doeckson, whose love for scissors, glue and paper seems to be infectious and monster knitting sensation from the US – Anna Hrachovec.

Animation Festival

Divided into four different categories – Characters in Rythm, Motion, Narration and Psychadelic Midnight Mix, the Babylon screen brings to life new born characters in a large selection of short films, motion graphics and experimental jobs. There is also something for the youngsters – Mini Plasma is dedicated to them.

Character Walk Exhibitions 2013

Character Walk Exhibitions takes in 2013 a huge leap. More and more Berlin neighborhoods tend to open up to art these days and so this years’ Walk  caters not only to Mitte art fans but invites the emerging scene of Kreuzberg and Neukoelln to tag along for the ride. This year’s tour is made of more than twenty galleries, art venues placed at various spots in the city. This part of the festival bustles with creative energy as it boasts a number of installations and sculptures both in limited festival editions.


Where: BABYLON am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz,

When: 10 – 14 APRIL 2013

Tutankhamun’s thomb and treasures

More than two thousand years later his story doesn’t cease to fascinate. No other emperor has been a subject of more exhibitions than this young Egyptian fellow who’s life, believe it or not, was cut short by a banal tooth infection.  Last time Germany hosted an exhibition dedicated to the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty was almost three decades ago. In 1980 it housed the largest display on record – 53 original tomb pieces toured the cities of Berlin, Munich, Hannover and Hamburg in a never-seen-before public presentation.

At the height of Tutankhamun fever, his personal objects and other significant archeological relics had been touring the world for over 20 years. Frowned upon by Egyptian government back then, most of them rest now within the walls of Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  Any future travelling exhibitions of these archeological treasures depend solely on the will of Egyptian authorities and are very likely banned for for the years to come.

The current Berlin show is special in a way because it doesn’t display original ancient artifacts but modern replicas coming from the Motherland Egypt and its Fine Art company. They’re esentially plastic products covered by synthetic materials. One could argue about the appeal and the sense of replicating objects as opposed to standing face to face with the originals but the Berlin exhiibiton tries to convey more than that. The organizers’ effort was to educate and inform visitors on ancient Egypt’s history in an interactive way. In addition to introducing more than 1000 items including funerary shrines, three coffins and sarcofaghus, it provides large panels focusing on the empire’s history, religion, science and geography.

Three short films get visitors acquainted with three main historical figures of the period: Amenophis III, Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. Followed by a short documentary on the discovery of the grave, the Berlin event proves an attempt to approach the topic with the respect it deserves. It’s attempt is to raise interest. It certainly doesn’t fail.

Where:  ARENA Berlin, Eichenstr.4, Berlin – Treptow

When: From March 9th – ongoing

Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2013


You are an inspiring artist or a wannabe music producer? Do you have what it takes to manage a music band on tour? Are you a good storyteller but still feel like there is a room for improvement? Do your communication skills leave a lot to be desired? If your answer on at least one of these questions is ‘yes’, we have a summer experience cut out just for you. The Summer University of Arts at the Berlin University of Arts offer a rich variety of high quality seminars and courses collaborating with its departments of performing arts, fine arts, design and music. From 15th of July until mid October you will have the unique opportunity to take up a number of classic master classes or take part in dozens of experimental and academic workshops. As an international artist of any art discipline you will have the chance to experience both the traditional as well as contemporary heritage of the Berlin University of the Arts. 


Presented and developed by renowned instructors, The International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship offers artist and designers various courses in areas  such as: Networking and Communication, Career Planning and Self – Marketing and Organisation and  Arts Mangement. Artist often abound in creative ideas that however seldomly lead to a successful businnes. What it takes to turn this powefrul potential into blooming industry? Let Ulrike Müller and her course on ‘Starting your own creative business‘ show you the know -hows. Once your carrer is on track, the question of professional self – promotion comes in. How do you communicate your work in an international environment? Why should it be you and not the others? Discover the do’s and donts of former sales, different negotiations strategies and money talk approach with Ida Storm Jansen and her class on ‘Self-Marketing in the International Art Scene‘.

In the area of Arts Management, Burkhard Glashof, currently tour-managing some of the world’s most prestigious symphonic orchestras, gives you an insight on the role of record companies, PR agencies and concert promoters  in carreer of young musicians. Moving on, in a three-day course, run by Karin Kirchoff, you’ll learn how the cultural funding works in Germany, how to write a good application and how to calculate right before you set your sight on performing arts as your line of work.

Accentuating the creative aspect of an artist, courses in Performance include ‘Storytelling – An Introduction’ led by Ragnhild Morch, a professional in storytelling as well as Abbi Patrix from France whose long career with Campagnie du Cercle, makes him a pioneer in the discipline as well as the art of improvisation. Musicians, shouldn’t miss out on the workshops of Music Therapy under direction of Barbra Wheeler . The Louisville professor will present clinical practice and applications designed for people with severe neurological disorders.

If you want to gain perspective on Berlin’s architecture while learning from the best, set on a five-day expedition through Berlin’s museums accompanied by Bettina Habsurg – Lothringen from Musuemakademie Graz. You will analyze, compare and ultimately asses the permanent collections and art aesthetics –  sign up for Fine Arts adventure now! Lovers of DesignResearchLabs research and explore the future live-styles in an original workshop led by the University’s best.

  • How to apply:

e-mail:  or courses.

phone: Stephanie Schwarz/Matthias Manneck/ phone : +49303185-2087, fax : +49 30 318 5 -2690

  • Main venue

UdK Berlin Career College, Berlin University of the Arts, 10719 Berlin 1 -12, Germany

Martin Scorsese in Filmhaus

To simply call him one of the most prominent and essential American film-makers of all time would certainly be an understatement. ‘Marty’ has always aimed to be more. A great storyteller, a captivating narrator and a skilled architect of human emotions. In addition to dedicating his life and career to preserving cinematic art, he also became one of the founding members of The Film Instiution, an organization established to protect international film heritage. The German Museum of Cinematography celebrates Martin Scorcese’s 70th birthday by taking you upon an intimate journey through his rough childhood days in Little Italy, his first steps into the world of movies. It offers a peek behind the curtain of film making viewers rarely get a chance to see – ever wondered how a scene is born in director’s mind? How do you create just the right perception without a word being spoken?

Wandering the halls of a two-floor exhibiton, you come across both audio and video excerpts, personal correspondence between Martin and his fellow directors and a rare photo material you may have never seen before. But perhaps, more important than the original Kate Hepburn dress from The Aviator is the story the exhibition attempts to tell. A story of a man whose unique family environment, a sense of brotherhood both binding and regulating, had a profound influence on his approach to creative directing. Characters and places vary but people find themselves facing identical situations, coming up against the same issues. Scarred by betrayal and fear they yearn for a safety net but end up being trapped instead. Caught up in default conditions they seldomly escape the lure of violence  ever searching however for the exact opposite – peace and balance.

Gearing up to Berlinale, this is an exhibition you should definitely not miss!

Where: Deutsche Kinemathek Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Potsdamerstr. 2

How to get there: From Amstel House take the U9 underground line in direction of Rathaus Steglitz, get off at the U-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten. Change onto red line U2 in direction of Pankow and get off at Potsdamer Platz.

When: 10.1.2013 – 12.5.2013

Entry: 5 Euro, students 2,50





Transmediale 2013

transmediale_logo.png w=700&h=423

The motto of this year’s Berlin’s biggest festival of digital culture is BWPWAP. And no, we did not drop off on the computer keypad there. Do you remember the time Back When Pluto Was Still A Planet? Grab your Ipad, google the date or scroll down your facebook timeline…what do you find? Does it matter? Is ‘had been’ revelant? In words of Kristoffer Gansing, the creative force behind the project, Transmediale is about things in our digital life that we consider a past but they still very much influence our day-to-day life. Pluto lived through its identity crisis as a planet  in 2006 while print media grapple with their own digital dilemma every day.  Print media have turned digital but it seems their ‘paper’ past is far from over. Last year’s event called for users’ misbehavior bringing focus on the incompatible parts of our technical world. This time, experts set the tone by attempting to recreate and reanimate what’s considered out of order regardless if it is marketing friendly or not. Read more