Berlin Fashion Week 2013

Year after year fashionistas from all over world flood to Berlin to experience the unique transformation of city’s winter gloom into colorful world¬† of modern creativity represented by the industry’s best.

The trends of the season become alive as designers, customers and specialists come together to set the tone of what’s in and what’s out in 2013. Posh catwalks, glamorous events and cozy showrooms unveil the secrets and surprises artists have been working on and allow the audience to gain an insight on new trends and directions.

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Tattoo Convention Berlin 2012

The 22nd Tattoo Convention Berlin is happening this weekend and we are here to point out all the reasons why you should not miss out on this spectacular event. 200 artists from all over the world gather every year to present their work and show off their talent. More

X-mas in Berlin

It’s now officially that time of the year. So don’t hold yourself back. Splurge on Gluehwein, forget your gym pass for a moment and knock yourself out with a delicious Wurst or simply enjoy the chilly but unique atmosphere of one of over eighty Berlin Christmas markets. Every single one of them offers something special you won’t find anywhere else.

The closest one to Amstel and certainly the poshiest is the Weihnachstmarkt at Charlottenburg Castle. No other X-mas market in Berlin combines such a great variety of goods and gifts sprinkled with a touch of winter fairytale. You rarely find as many attractions happening in one place. Don’t miss a golden tents where artists and furniture designers present their best and most priceworthy pieces. For kids there is ferris wheel and a petting ZOO. If you’re looking for a family adventure this market surely ticks all the boxes.

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Market of The Continents

An incredible journey around the world starts this weekend.

Columbus. Hamburgers. Indians. Carneval. If these four words just about sum up your knowledge about America, it’s high time to move your booty and do something about it. Market of the Continents celebrates in Dahlem Museums its 16th anniversary and presents the best of American arts. Read more

There goes the neighborhood

It’s no secret that one of Amstel’s most coziest and frendliest neighbors is just a stone’s thrown away. One of Moabit’s popular hang-outs, the Arminius market hall is an fact an old lady that welcomed it’s first visitors in 1891. Badly damaged in the Second World War, it was restored in 1950 and reopened. What grabs you right away is the overwhelmingly detailed interior. You feel like the original plan had been to built a church, then halfway through the architects decided to drop the idea and build a public market place instead. It’s the elaborate archways and floral ornaments together with high ceilings and cathedral – like windows that make you feel like you’re in a holy place. If you worship good and quality food, Arminius Market Hall is your temple. Explore now!