Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016

Berlin is hosting this weekend one of its most successful acts. The Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016 comes to its 12th year as one of the leading events for contemporary art in Germany. From 29th of April to 1st of May over 50 galleries focus on contemporary art will sync their agenda and open their doors. Among renowned places, the program includes aspiring and experimental galleries presenting amazing works. Up to 20 thousand visitors – between connoisseurs, collectors and art lovers – are expected to come to the city. What began as a private initiative of some galleries in Berlin became so remarkable in the last decade that won the support of large associations, such as Tate London and the Centre Pompidou, and has been adopted by important artistic centers such as Barcelona e Paris, now hosting their one Gallery Weekend.

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Myfest Berlin 2016

As an important pole of criticism to capitalism and as a host of countless autonomous groups, Berlin has always been committed to the workers fight. Therefor the Labor Day, celebrated internationally on May 1, is a special deal in the city.

Since 2003 a huge anti-violence party takes place in the alternative and famous neighborhood of Kreuzberg. Organized by its own network and a broad coalition of residents, traders and civic initiatives, Myfest takes place from 11:30a.m until night and attracts people from all over the city in a colorful and public festival. Streets around Kottbusser Tor, Heinrichplatz and Oranienstraße are closed, giving space to many stages where DJs, Bands, performers and comedians present. Street tends over the sidewalks offer all kinds of culinary delights and drinks for fair prices. Continue reading

8 tips to help you choosing a traveling destination

Summer Holidays are coming. If you are having a hard time deciding where to go the Amstel House made a list of 8 tips to help you choosing a traveling destination.

8 tips to help you choosing a traveling destination

1- Priorise places undergoing rapid change

Nowadays we can visit pretty much every place we want. What we still cannot do is travel in time. Cuba will certainly be completely different in 10 years, as Moscow and Berlin have now nothing to do with what they were before the Wall Fall. So if your dream destination is going through fast changes, it’s now or never. Continue reading

Hanf Museum: the house of marijuana in Berlin

Hanf Museum, hemp BerlinNowadays there are countless types of museum dedicated to the all kinds of topics. But only four cities worldwide host one entire dedicated to cannabis. Berlin had to be one of them. Hanf Museum: the house of marijuana in Berlin devotes nearly 300 m2 to talk about all issues around the polemic herb.

Leaving aside devotions and prejudices, getting information is always important. Since museums are culture and paying a visit does not make anyone high, the Amstel House strongly recommends. Covering topics such as history, culture and medical use the museum seeks not only to bring information and raise dialog, but to find reconsideration to the legal situation of marijuana consumption. After all, what are 100 years of illegality when cannabis has been consumed for almost 5000 years? Continue reading

A celebration of the conceptual art of the 1960s and 1970s

A-Z. The Marzona Collection

Copyright photo: Tacita Dean: Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1997, 1999. Courtesy the artist, Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris and New York and Frith Street Gallery, London

For the last two years and a half the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum of Contemporary art in Berlin – has been presenting an amazing exhibition. Divided by the letters of the alphabet and altered every quarter of year “A-Z. The Marzona Collection” features in a unique, mutable and multifaceted way the diverse works in the Marzona Collection, which mainly embrace American and European Conceptual art, Minimal Art and Arte Povera. From this time and movements individual artistic positions and genres, as well as important historical exhibitions, are examined. Continue reading

Heading from Berlin to Amsterdam?

Amsterdam at nightOne of the most classic backpacker’s routes in Europe is the Berlin-Amsterdam. Bike lovers, gay friendly, young and famous for their night lives these two cities not only attract the same kind of travelers, but are also very close to each other, making the package irresistible. In addition to all that the Amstel House keeps a special connection with the capital of Holland: besides belonging to two Dutch guys we also carry the name of the river that crosses Amsterdam.

So we decided to dedicate an entire Post to this city we love and relate so much to. Heading from Berlin to Amsterdam? We have great tips for you. Continue reading

10 films to see before you come to Berlin

10 films to watch before coming to BerlinAre you coming to Berlin and want a warm up? Or you want to come but don’t have yet the time or money? The Amstel House has prepared a great list with trailers of 10 films to see before you come to Berlin that are a travel themselves. From drama to comedy, from the party scene to the old stories, from East to West, here you get a compilation of movies that will make you experience Berlin in a way or the other.  Continue reading


hostel recipesNom nom nom. We’ve whipped up another super easy and delicious mini backpackers recipes cook book for you. Download and print volume 4 here and you’ll be set for culinary (yet extremely easy – we promise!!) travel adventures ahead. If you missed our first issue, you can download it here, the second mini cook book can be found here and print the third one here. Continue reading

5 days at a refugee’s Camp

Refugee's Camp

© Emily Mac

It is with immense sadness that the world has been following the suffering of war refugees in their trajectory towards Europe – particularly Germany. Running away from heavy conflicts that are bringing their countries  apart, they make a difficult but necessary choice, hoping to find peace somewhere else and restart their lives. This path, taken by thousands of people, is dangerous and mostly hostil. But there is a group of volunteers working to mitigate their pain. One of our receptionists, the Italian Serena Cusi, spent 5 days at a refugee’s camp in Idomeni – Greece and told us a bit about her experience. Continue reading

Turn of an Era



The first decades of the 20th century came to Berlin as crazy and hectic news. The World War I, the German Revolution and the beginning of the Weimer Republic happened all during this short period of history. As a voice of its time, the art scene of the city was loud, revolutionary and fast transforming and the affluence of such cultural production gave space to a flood of artistic movements. Continue reading