Berlin Criminal Cort: an architectural symbol

Crinal cort berlinAt the begging of our parallel street Turmstrasse is located one of the most monumental Berlin buildings of all times, the Kriminalgericht (criminal Cort). Designed by architectures Rudolf Mönnich and Carl Vohl it is considered one of the most important architectural symbols of the Era of Wilhelmine with neo baroque style, stunning design and a magnificent staircase. Built up in 1906 its construction was technically way too modern for its time. Besides being the first electrically illuminated building in the city, the Kriminalgerichtt had at its completion its own power station, elevators, central heating, a separate telephone system and its own water supply.

Such a pomposity had its purpose: to intimidate both indictee and visitors. The construction underwent many criticisms as an ““imperial punch in the face of Moabit working class“.

 Unfortunately due to its social role the building can not be visited by tourists. Luckily the staircase, its most impressive part, can be seen by the door. For the lovers of the neo baroque style, the visit is not only worth it, but an architecture spectacular.

 Turmstr. 91

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