New paintings at the Amstel House walls – By Ukraine Berlin based artist Grycja

wall painting berlinAnd the Amstel House stylish new Decór plan goes on. This week we are thrilled to present the newly painted walls of our future illusion lounge. To transform the 140 m2 area that gives way to the rooms we’ve invited an artist accustomed to the big canvas and to a dreamy world: the Ukrainian Grycja.

Like any other kid Grycja spent her childhood drawing, painting, cutting and pasting. Thing is: she never got to stop it. Working as an artists for over a decade her style is market by absurd compositions; through her collages she models an alternative reality of things she sees and feels. Her first big walls were those of her own room, back in Lviv, her hometown in western Ukraine. Since then murals around Poland, Czech and – of course – the Ukraine carry her colorful signature.

After much travelling around the world in 2015 Grycja landed in Berlin – to stay. Just as many, she came to discover the city as the perfect paradise. “I always dreamed of living in a big city, but could never imagine to fall in love so fast with one. Berlin is full of great people, art, music, parks, flea markets, parties and cozy bars. Here there’s just everything a young artist need”.

For the last couple of months Grycja came almost daily to the Amstel House. Her task: bring life to the walls of a future illusion lounge. Inspired by Berlin’s urban landscape and lifestyle her work here merges unique characters with some of city’s famous architecture construction, such as the Potsdamer Platz. “This crazy carnival of forms and colors are part of what I collected during my two years in this amazing town” she told us.

When asked about the experience Grycja nicely shared: “working at the Amstel House was a lot of fun. I was given full freedom and felt part of the team. I already miss it”. She is now embarking on a new work, part of an urban project in Brussels to be presented next fall. Want to check her work? Stay at the Amstel House.

Ukraine Berlin based artist Grycja

Ukraine Berlin based artist Grycjastreet art hostel berlinUkraine Berlin based artist Grycja