8 tips to help you choose a traveling destination

Summer Holidays are coming. If you are having a hard time deciding where to go the Amstel House made a list of 8 tips to help you choosing a traveling destination.

8 tips to help you choosing a traveling destination

1- Priorise places undergoing rapid change

Nowadays we can visit pretty much every place we want. What we still cannot do is travel in time. Cuba will certainly be completely different in 10 years, as Moscow and Berlin have now nothing to do with what they were before the Wall Fall. So if your dream destination is going through fast changes, it’s now or never.

2- Stay tuned to special events

Some places are just magical during local special dates. Going to Rio de Janeiro on Carnival, to Nevada during Burning man or to Mexico over the Day of the Dead is surly an unforgettable experience.

3- High and low season

Different places have different flows. So be aware of the national agenda of the country you want to visit. Going to China, for example, during the “Golden Week” can only mean big crowds, high prices and no places to sleep. Besides, low seasons usually indicate peace, privacy and good prices.

4- Economical Situations

We do not wish economic crisis to anyone, but sometimes traveling to a country in one is not a bad idea. In addition to support the region through local consumption, the common devaluation of the currency can make the trip much cheaper.

5- Be open-minded

The world is vast, diverse and surprising. Places that go beyond the mainstream routes are more likely to amaze you, since you don’t bring in the luggage expectations of other people experience.

6- Choose places where you know locals

Knowing locals can transform your trip completely. Besides getting the feeling of the real local every-day-life, you get access to secret places, old stories, tips for non-tourist corners and fair rates.

7- Check out the Climate

Summer, for example, can also mean unbearable temperatures or interminable rains. In other hands, the features of each season are also variables to consider depending on what you want to see. The best time to see the northern lights in Iceland, for example, is during winter, when the nights are darker, easiering the viewing.

8- Consider Berlin

If you are travelling around Europe, Berlin is definitely a most go. The crazy history, the famous night life, the underground life style, the diverse architecture buildings and the rich art content are just some of the reasons to choose this city as a travelling destination. And if you come, stay at the Amstel House, a friendly, budget and central located Hostel in the heart of Berlin.