Best Price Guarantee

For visitors and travelers

As a Hostel and as passionate travellers ourselves we understand the significance of well spent money during a trip. Especially for backpackers and low budget travellers every penny saved with accommodation, for example, can be invested in more fun in the city visited or even mean an extra destination in the travel plan. Thinking about this and with respect to you, the Amstel House – together with many other hostels – would like to clarify an important detail about the Online Booking Channels, such as Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and

We are certainly grateful to them. Many of our guests get to us thanks to their services, which in return makes it easier to find and book hostels online. However, the price for such services is getting too high. A commission of 10% to 20% – depending on the channel – is charged over every reservation. This means the identical beds/rooms get more expensive on these websites, than they originally are. And you are the one paying for it!

How to avoid it? Simply book directly on our website! Beside the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, you get access to more room categories and availability, special offers, photos and information. Also, modifications, that you usually have to do over the booking channels you used, can be made with us directly.

Why make it complicated when you can make it easy? Why make it expensive when you can have it cheap?