Food Revolution 5.0: an exhibition about our future

We live in a time of fast and drastic changes. While some only get to us through the news, others are entering our most private spheres. Simple and personal decisions, such as what to have for lunch, have long ceased to be a matter of taste, to become a political act and a collective responsibility. It is food revolution time!

Population growth as well as the globalization of food production are having a major impact on the planet’s climate change. What you eat or don’t eat can contribute to or harm the future of our planet. To make sure there is one and that everybody gets a bite – something already hard today – we will soon have to start considering eating things we never though before in a total different way we were accustomed to.

So, what and how will we be eating in 20 years? This is exactly the questions of one of the hottest exhibitions taking place in Berlin right now: Food Revolution 5.0. Over 30 designers were invited to present their latest concepts, ideas, and designs for making the transformation to the food system a reality. Homegrown urban harvest, insects and lab protein for dinner, organic garbage systems. These artists not only try to foresee our future, they also question our present.

The inner courtyard of the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin has been turned into a completely self-sufficient urban community orchard. With 80 apple trees outfitted with green IV bags, a light source and individual soil containers the visitors can feel a bit of how technology could help us build a more sustainable future.

Until the 9th of September, 2018. At the Kunstgewerbemuseum.
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Food revolution
Paul Gong, Human Hyena, 2014, © Paul Gong, Foto | Foto: Andrew Kan
Food revolution
Klaus Pichler, Erdbeeren, aus der Fotoserie „One third“, 2010-2012, © Klaus Pichler
Food Revolution
Johanna Schmeer, Bioplastic Fantastic, 2014, © Johanna Schmeer