Frequently Asked Questions

Questions always come up during the planning of a trip. Here we gather the most frequently asked questions about hostels in general and about our Amstel House in particular.

General question about hostels and the Amstel House

What is a hostel like?

In General: Hostels are a fun and cheap type of accommodation. It offers beds in shared dormitories and – in many cases – private rooms as well. Popular among young people – but nowadays attracting all kinds of travelers – its common areas provide the perfect atmosphere for socializing and meeting people from all around the world.
At Amstel House: The Amstel House is not just a hostel, it is the best budget accommodation in Berlin. We offer modern facilities, original designed common areas and a variety of inexpensive beds and rooms. Take a look a look at our room types, hostel photos and range of services to get to know us better.

What’s a hostel room?

In General: The rent of beds and not of rooms is what defines the classic hostel concept. The so called hostel dorms are shared and usually equipped with 2 to 6 bunkbeds. Very often however, hostels offer private rooms as well, as it is the case at Amstel House.

At Amstel House: we offers a great range of hostel room types. Single and twin rooms with bathroom inside as well as twins with bunk beds and shared facilities. We also offer 4 people rooms with and without bathroom and – of course – the classic hostels dorms. Family rooms and female only are also part of our offers.

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel?

In General: as in any other branch, the price for a hostel overnight stay varies from city to city, as well as according to room categories and seasons. However hostel are most often among the cheapest accommodation options one finds in cities all around the world.

At Amstel House: We are the best cost benefit in Berlin. Our rates vary daily and according to the room category. To know our prices and availability please click on the blinking button on the right “book here / pay less”, enter the wished dates of arrival and departure and choose a room type.

Do I have to share the room with people of the opposite sex?

In General & At Amstel House: Not necessarily. Many hostels, such as the Amstel House, offer dorms for women only.

Are the bathrooms shared in hostels?

In General & At Amstel House: Not always. As is the case at Amstel House, many hostels offer room categories with private bathrooms as well.

How long can I stay in a Hostel?

In General & At Amstel House: in this case, different hostels, different rules. At the Amstel House we have a maximum stay of seven nights.

Age restriction

Am I too old to stay in a hostel?

In General: Youth is not only measured by age, but also by spirit. Hostels have long learned that and mostly given up their age limit. Nowadays it is uncommon to find a hostel, which will not let you stay because of your age.

At Amstel House: Travelers of all generations are welcome to indulge in the hostel experience and unique hospitality of the Amstel House.

Are minors under the age of 18 allowed to stay alone in the hostel?

In General & At Amstel House: commonly, yes. But parental permission is required. As in most European Hostels minors can stay unaccompanied at the Amstel House, but they must bring a written authorization from their parents containing dates of arrival and departure, as well as a copy of the ID of the parent authorizing it. They are also only allowed to stay in private rooms – and never in shared dorms.

Can I stay with my kids in a hostel?

In General & At Amstel House: many hostel welcome families nowadays. At the Amstel House in particularly we offer special Family rooms ensuite with single and bunk beds, as well as special children rates. Babies up to the age of three stay for free and kids up to the age of 12 pay only half the daily rate.

Can I bring my dog, cat or any other pet to the hostel?

In General & At Amstel House: it varies from hostel to hostel. At the Amstel House, due to hygienic reasons, animals are not allowed.

Hostel Safety

Are hostels safe?

In General: Yes. Hostels are generally quite safe places. But, as paying attention to ones belongings is part of any traveler’s daily life, it wouldn’t be any different in hostels. Make sure your valuables are safe and things should be just fine.

At Amstel House Berlin is over all a pretty safe city. So is our neighborhood Moabit. Just to make sure only hostel guests get into the hostel at night our electric door closes after 10pm and can only be opened either by our reception – which is open 24h – or by our guests themselves with their own key-cards.

Where can I keep my stuff?

In General & At Amstel House: Another typical hostel thing are lockers. At the Amstel House each guest staying in shared dorms has she/he own locker. Guests can bring their own padlock or acquire one at the reception desk for 2€. Private rooms are equipped with wardrobe. We also offer a free safe service at the reception for valuables, as well as a luggage room.

What should I bring to a Hostel?

Do I need a youth hostel card to stay in a hostel?

In General & At Amstel House: No. At Amstel House, just like any other hostel, a youth hostel card is not necessary at all. You must have however a valid ID or passport to check-in.

Do I need to bring sheets and towels?

In General & At Amstel House: the vast majority of European hostels offer bed linen and towels. At Amstel House, sheets are included in the daily rate and towels can be rented for 1€/unit.

Do hostels offer toiletries?

In General & At Amstel House: As a low budget type accommodation, amenities such as toiletries are not available in hostel bathrooms. The Amstel House offers liquid soup in the private bathrooms. But all kinds of hygienic products – such as shampoo, toothbrush and tampon – can be bought at the reception.

What do hostels provide?

Is breakfast included?

In General & At Amstel House: This point is different from hostel to hostel. In the case of Amstel House, as our bed prices are low, services are charged separately. Breakfast costs € 6. Guests can spontaneously decide for our all-you-can-eat buffet. It includes fruits, salads, yogurt, cold cuts, cheeses, vegetarian and vegan options, scrambled and cooked eggs, different kinds of bread, cereals, honey, jellies and many more. Coffee, different types of tea, juices and hot chocolate are also part of our table and included in the price.

Is there free wireless internet?

In General & At Amstel House: Mostly, yes and definitely at Amstel House. Here Wi-Fi is free and available throughout all the hostel facilities, whether in the rooms or common areas.

Is there a common guest kitchen?

In General & At Amstel House: That’s another typical hostel attribute. The common kitchen not only enables your trip to be much cheaper, but also invites you to meet great people. The Amstel guest kitchen is open daily and fully equipped with fridge, oven, stove, microwave and all the kitchen utensils.

Does the hostel offer facilities for people in wheelchairs?

At Amstel House Yes. We have an elevator as well as some rooms and bathrooms that give access to people in wheelchairs.

Do you offer hostel parties and social events?

At Amstel House: Yes. During summer we have almost every weekend a concert either in our backyard or at our bar. Also From April to October we offer weekly an all-you-can-eat Burger BBQ.

Get to know all our hostel services.

How to get to the hostel?

How do I get to the Hostel from the airport?

At Amstel House: Berlin has two airports (and it is trying to build its third one). We are only a 15 minutes bus ride from the most central one, Tegel. Detailed descriptions of how to get to the hostel from each of the Berlin airports you find on our location page.

How do I get to the hostel from the central station?

At Amstel House: We are also very close to the Hauptbahnhof (Berlin central station). Only one bus stop with the TXL bus. For more details on how to get to the hostel from the central station please check our location page.

Do you offer transfer pickup service from the airport to the hostel?

At Amstel House: No. But berlin has one of the best connected transport systems in the world. Getting to the hostel from any airport is simple. Take a look at our location page for a detailed explanation of how to get to the hostel.

I’m coming by car. Do I need environmental sticker to drive in Berlin?

At Amstel House: Yes. The Berlin center is an environment zone and therefor an environmental sticker is required. Since the Amstel House is located inside this area, if you are coming with your car, you should get one environmental sticker as well.

Do you have a parking space at your Hostel?

At Amstel House: Yes. We provide parking space in our courtyard for 10 € / night. Limited space available. So please book in advance. Maximum car length / width / height 4650/1900/2000 mm.

Hostel check-in and check-out

What’s the earliest time I can check-in?

At Amstel House: Check-in time starts at 3 p.m.

If I arrive before 3 p.m can I store my luggage at the hostel?

At Amstel House: Yes, we offer a luggage room free of charges for before the check-in and after the check-out.

My flight arrives late in Berlin. Will there be someone to check me in?

At Amstel House: Yes. Our reception is 24h open and there will be always someone to welcome you in.

Until what time do I have to check-out?

At Amstel House: Check-out has to be done until 11 a.m. We also offer a late check-out possible up until 1p.m for 7,50 € per person.

Hostel Payment

Can I pay the reservation with cash upon arrival?

At Amstel House: Yes. However, it is only possible to check-in at the Amstel House with a reservation, which can only be made online. To make a reservation you will need either a PayPal account, so that payment is made immediately, or a credit card. The credit card details are only required for security purposes. The amount will only by charged from the credit card in the case of a no show. Thus the payment can be made with cash upon arrival.

Do you take credit cards?

At Amstel House: Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and America Express.

Can I pay the hostel with PayPal?

At Amstel House: Yes. It is possible to book a room online with a PayPal Account.

Free or Cheap Stay

How do I get free accommodation?

In General & At Amstel House: it belongs to the Hostel culture a sense of collectivity and exchange. We’re usually the most open hosts for negotiations. At the Amstel House, if you have a special talent and some followers you have a chance. Take a look at our free stay options.

Do you accept volunteers in exchange for accommodation?

At Amstel House: We don’t work with voluntaries. But we do offer free accommodation in exchange for live music, photograph shoots, cooking classes and other fun staff made by talented people. Check it out.

Do you offer special travel deals?

At Amstel House: yes. We have a whole range of special travel offers. Family rooms, marathons specials, weekend deals, friend’s special and more.

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