A travel around Europe with no money

A travel around Europe with no moneyLast week the Amstel House had the pleasure to welcome Ale e Jesus, two Mexican designers whom came up with a great idea: travel around Europe with no money. Yes, it sounds weird. But it did indeed work out. In exchange for food, drink, lodging, tours or whatever one might have to offer, these two creative minds reciprocate with what they do best: design.

With the project “Please, no Money” the pair traveled for four months around 15 cities in 10 countries – among them Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark and Germany. And yes, they got to save some bucks. That was however the least compared to what they won from the experience. “We truly believe that the best things in life are not about money. So we found a way to prove our point”.

They could not have felt more welcome. People from all around were ready to share and exchange. While they left their mark out there through cute and fun GIFs, postcards and short films, they fed and shelter through the goodwill of people open as well to alternative ways.

As incredible as it seems, the hardest to get from people sometimes was exactly their time. In a world so centered on money, to rethink the value of things and services is not yet a simple task and does demand a sit together. But it is precisely in these hours that the relations deepen and the exchanges enrich: “We discovered how friendly people can be, even if they don’t speak our language. We learned to trust in them and how to win their trust”.

In Berlin, a city accustomed to alternative, exchange and none money related projects, Ale e Jesus got even shocked: “People offered us beers and food without even knowing us or our project. It is a city interested in making people feel accepted and to share a good time!” they added.

Since the Amstel House is already working on a new design and concept with, but fell in love with the project we offered yummy Burgers from our all-you-can-eat BBQ. “We had a good time at the Amstel House. The music was amazing and the burgers delicious. Everything was perfect!”

A travel around Europe with no money

A travel around Europe with no money