A charming Neighbor

In the last two years our neighbourhood Moabit has been experiencing an interesting transformation with the arrival of artists and establishments dedicated to art. The ZK/U – center for art and urbanistics is certainly one of the most interesting ones.


In an amazing space with an overall footprint of 2000sqm they are located in a former railway depot on the edges of Berlin‘s largest inland port. The outcome of a concept developed by the Berlin-based artists’ collective KUNSTrePUBLIK it is a lively hub for the transport of ideas and ideals in the post-industrial era.


They offer 2-8 months of artistic residencies for art production at the interface of urban research and the development and work of these artists can be seen in public events in collective presentation.

Tamdem/Shami Final Event 2013 - Foto: Mitost
Tamdem/Shami Final Event 2013 – Foto: Mitost

Until October they feature every Friday the Speisekino Moabit, which shows movies for free and serves a menu for 5 € going along with it. Also in the programm is a jazz-jam seasons happening every second weekend.  

Moabit Speisekino
Moabit Speisekino

Only two metro stops from Amstel House Hostel it is an absolutely must go to our guests!

Siemensstrasse 27-49