Amstel House New Look Coming up

amstel house new look coming upIt is time for a change. We are ready to turn into Berlin’s Coolest Hostel!

More than a decade has passed since the art nouveau style heritage building in the Waldenser Straße became home for our Amstel House. The more than 100 years old building has since undergone great reforms, mostly concerning facilities modernization. Now it is time for another kind of change: a brand new cool look.

To get there we took professional help from Harm Rensink, a stylish and talented Dutch space architect. Harm’s work is specially linked with fashion and art. He considers his main task to create unique and good looking atmospheres for people to truly connect with and with each other; to enable memorable collective space experience. We can’t even tell how exited we are.

Considering our size and the fact that we cannot live without our guests, we decided to do it step by step. The transformation, that has already began, will take place in the next years. While lifting things up we are making sure our guests don’t even feel the move, just get surprised about it.

Next week our first step will be done. During these last winter months, without bothering a single guest, the entire 3rd floor has been renewed. And it just looks amazing! For now we leave you with some drawings of what is to come. Stay connected and follow our news through facebook and instagram. Next week we will present the first photos of the new floor. See you around. With love and excitement, your Amstel House.coolest hostel in berlin

cool hostel in berlin