Bastard: the absolute best breakfast in Berlin!

bastard: the absolute best breakfast in berlinWarning: if you are hungry, this post might torture you. Better leave it for later.

Local and international specialized media never cease to elect Bastard’s breakfast the absolute best in Berlin. The biggest prove, however, is the ceaseless queue at their door.

The Amstel Team couldn’t resist it and finally paid a visit to this illustrious house of delights. Bastard offers a neat menu that is worth the wait. Not only graciously decorated, their dishes are a joy of taste. The type of products offered does not vary much from other cafes, but the quality makes all the difference. Eggs spiced with fresh herbs, excellent charcuterie and range of cheese, homemade marmalade, exotic fruits, and a good selection of bread kinds. And as it could not be any different, coffee is strong and creamy, between many other hot drinks options and juice flavors.

Bastard also offers lunch. Among the choices guests can get tomato-orange cream soup with walnuts, Viennese style goulash with homemade gnocchi and plum, and baked carrots in lemon cream sauce with homemade bread dumplings.

If you weren’t hungry before, you probably are now. For those who can’t wait, we strongly recommend reserving. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a bit more relaxed. Bastard: the absolute best breakfast in Berlin!

Where: Reichenberger Straße 122 – Kreuzberg
Opening hrs: daily open from 9am to 4h30pm
Tel: +49 30 548 21 866
E-Mail: eat@bastard-berlin.de