Berlin best pizza places

berlin best pizza places

There are more than 28 thousand Italians in the German capital. Lucky us! Some of them brought along the best recipes of the “amata madre italiana” in the suitcase to open real gastronomic Italian paradises here. Above all we’re pizza fans. For those who share this love, here is our most delicious list. Berlin best pizza places.

II Casolare (Kreuzberg)
Fresh and giant pizzas, thin and crunchy doughs, warm and rustic service. With its typical and honest Italian cuisine II Casolare is one of the most beloved restaurant in Kreuzberg. During sunny days the outside terrace is a wonderful option.

Pizza con Amore (Moabit)
We are witnesses. Our longtime friend, the kind and talkative chef Gianni, really does his pizzas with all the love he has. Prepared under the eyes of the customer the pizza here gets ingredients of the highest quality and the most delicious combinations. And for the best price. Just a few meters from us and a must try in the neighborhood.

Malafemmena (Schöneberg)
A traditional Neapolitan style! The Malafemmena is full of international fans and loyal customers. And it will without a doubt get you by the month. The pizza here, known for being grandiose, has thick edges and overflows with cheese. This is one of the most traditional and acclaimed Italian restaurants in Berlin.

Trattoria Alimentari e Vini (Moabit)
With a rich variety of Italian specialties and wines, this classic shop of “Prodotti artigianali” offers the best of Italy. Everything that is not to be found in the main stream market. For our luck they found a special place in Moabit at the centenary Arminius Markthalle. There the Trattoria Alimentari e Vini offers, among many delicious dishes, one of the best pizzas in town.