Berlin: a safe place to travel this summer of 2020

Those were long weeks of isolation. Now, with the arrival of the summer holidays and the loosening of measures against the corona virus all one wants is to travel. Breathe other airs, see other horizons, relax the head. All this, of course, while paying attention to the safety of ourselves and others. After all, not everything is back to normal. The question then is: what are the indicated destinations to travel to at this time? Read our article below and get to know our suggestion. Berlin: a safe place to travel this summer of 2020.


A Spacious city

Compared to other European capitals, Berlin lavishes space. It is among the large cities with the lowest population density. There are 4.09 inhabitants per square meter. 5 times less than Paris, for example. Especially at a time when tourists from other parts of the world cannot visit it, Berlin has enough ground to guarantee a safe distance in its public spaces. It’s up to us tourists to have a bit of common sense.


One of the greenest cities in Europe

Berlin is also among the greenest capitals in Europe. 46% of its territory is green or covered by water. There are more than 2500 public parks and 3000 lakes. There is plenty of nature to enjoy the fresh air.


Hotels and hostels with official hygiene protocol

The city offers possibilities of accommodation with high standards of hygiene. This is the case with Amstel House. Based on the German health authorities as well as several worldwide organizations, a detailed hygiene concept has been developed, ranging from trained staff and specialized hygiene to demarcations and safety procedures throughout the hostel. Amstel House also offers different options of private rooms and many outdoor common areas. Including a small biergarten!


Bike friendly city

Public transport in Berlin is abundant and diverse. But in times like these, nothing better than to stay outside as much as possible. The German capital is flat and full of cycle roads, making it easy to get to any corner. For those who enjoy city tours on two wheels, this is the ideal destination.


Outdoor agenda

As we’ve already mentioned, Berlin is a super green city full of lakes. But its agenda includes many other outdoor program options. There are various and diverse flea markets, as well as gastronomy ones. Lots of open-air museums and cinemas as well as a multitude of sightseeing spots. Which brings us to our next point.


Various types of urban tours

It is possible to get to know Berlin in several ways. As there are rivers and canals, one can take boat tours as well as shorter – and more charming – kayak or standup routes. Biking, as we said before, is an ideal means. For the more traditional ones, the city also offers the classic bus tours and the famous free walking tours.