Berlin + NY – Tomorrow It’s Time for the Future

hostel_berlinArtists from New York and Berlin are gathered in the exhibition Tomorrow It’s Time for the Future. The focus is to strengthen the artistic exchange between the two poles and stimulate the growth of cooperative projects and collective artistic between them.
The flirtation between the two cities, however, is been going on already for a long tine. For many Berlin is just like New York in the 80s. Freedom of expression, creativity and urban lifestyle, as well as innovative and fluent artistic production are common characteristics between them. With the exorbitant rents the American metropolis, many artists New Yorker artists immigrated to Berlin searching for a cheaper life more time to artistic creation.
Mixing established artists with others emerging, Berliners with New Yorkers, the exhibition shows some of this affinity between two of the most important art scenes of the world. At the same time a retrospective of generations and an outlook in the future of the arts , the exhibition stays only until October the 20th and is a must go for everyone in this city.