Best burgers in Berlin

best hamburgers in berlin

We love burgers. You love burgers. Everybody loves the lip-smacking beauty of a mighty burger! It’s a complete, affordable meal with crispy textures and juicy flavours and can be customized to your own taste. We make a mean weekly Berlin Burger BBQ ourselves at Amstel House Hostel Berlin. But with the burger trend blowing over from London and New York a couple of years ago, the burger bar has definitely been set. So where to get the best burgers in Berlin? Find our top three picks to eat some mouth-watering burgers in Berlin.

1. Buns Mobile
On the top of our list is our #1 favourite, Buns Mobile. You have to be lucky to catch it, Buns Mobile is a food truck that you can spot at the finer Street Festivals. But OMG, if you do catch it, consider yourself in Burger Heaven! The ingredients are top of the notch and we have yet to eat a better burger anywhere in Europe. Think the best beef cooked to perfection, homemade ketchup, homemade mustard mayo, homemade hot sauce and freshly baked brioche buns. Add a whole lot of passion and love from the French-Canadian couple making these killer burgers and thank us later.

Check their next location here.

2. The Butcher
Being of Dutch roots ourselves, we recently gave The Butcher (from Amsterdam) a try. And boy, were we happy we did! The place looks amazing and you have to try the cheeseburger with some authentic Dutch Edamer cheese. For vegetarians, they make a mean veggie delight with chickpeas patty as well. And special cocktails are readily crafted to accompany your delicious burger. Great start for a night out on the town! Or a midnight snack! They’re open until 3 am over the weekends!

Location: Kantstrasse
For details, check their website here

3. Tommi’s Burger Joint
If you love a tasty classic burger in Berlin and nicely designed places, then look no further. All ingredients are super fresh and crispy without being soggy and the atmosphere is super friendly. Must be the Icelandic roots of the place 😉

Location: 160 Invalidenstrasse
For details, check their facebook here

Picture of juicy hamburger above (c) The Butcher Berlin