Best insta spots in Berlin – 12 most instagrammable places in Berlin

Best insta spots in Berlin

When you’re in Berlin, you’re never far from the next photogenic hot spot. From graffiti decorated walls to crisp galleries and gritty streets to eye pleasing architecture and historical places of significance. But where to go first? Start with the very best insta spots in Berlin. We’ve listed the most instagrammable places in Europe’s coolest hub for you.  So charge your phone and shoot away.

east side gallery best insta spots in Berlin
The longest still standing piece of Berlin wall can be found at East Side Gallery. Therefor, this 1316 meters of graffiti by 118 artists are the perfect backdrop for your Instagram extravaganzas. It’s the largest public artwork in the world so will surely impress your followers.

picture by Riccardo Cecchi

hansaviertel arichtecture best insta hot spots in berlin
Berlin architecture
Berlin is a true oasis for architecture lovers. Check this shortlist for a city guide along Berlin architecture. Your best bet for great insta shots of Berlin architecture is go to Hansaviertel. The most famous architects of the 20th century have left their signature marks there. You’ll even have a chance of bumping into Brad Pitt, he’s a big lover of Berlin architecture. Whoop whoop.

picture by Barbro Björnemalm

best insta hot spots berlin
U-bahn stations
Get a shot of the ‘raw’ and ‘urban’ Berlin by photographing one of the pretty U-Bahn stations. We especially like Wedding, Alexanderplatz, Mierendorffplatz and Pankstrasse. You can buy a super cool book with all the most amazing U-bahn designs by Claudio Galamini here.

pictures by Claudio Galamini

best insta hot spots berlin
Alex TV
Alexanderplatz is in itself not very attractive and very touristy. But it offers you a great view of Berlin’s iconic TV Tower (Fernsehturm). It’s graphic shapes set against a blue grey sky make it very instagrammable spot on this list. The view over Berlin from the TV Tower is amazing as well.

picture by Claudio Galamini

best insta hot spots berlin

The Ampelman
A Boomerang, a video or an picture, they will all do justice to the most iconic traffic light in the world. Best part, if you get lost, it will tell you if you’re in the East or West part of town too! If you see this traffic light, you’re in the East part!

picture by Mitch Altman

best insta spots in berlin
Brandenburg Gate
A visit to Berlin is not complete without at least one striking shot of the famous neoclassic Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor). The gateway to Unter den Linden and at the centre of many historical events. Adolf Hitler’s nazi regime parades passed the gate and Ronald Reagan’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ speech took place here.

picture by Shayne House

best insta spots berlin
Charlottenburg castle

Step into fairy-tale land and visit Schloss Charlottenburg in Tiergarten, Berlin’s largest royal palace. You’ll find some nice historic and cultural museums around Schloss Charlotteburg so well worth the visit.

picture by Kai Liebisch

best insta spots in berlin
Street signs

The Berlin street signings are cool by itself. The fonts, the minimalistic black and white. But the names of some streets will spice up your insta feed as well.

best insta spots berlinReichstag Dom
If your insta feed shows a love for crisp, graphic shape, then the glass building of The Reichstag Dom is a must visit. Find a large viewing roof top and graphic shapes, glass and mirrors galore on the inside.

picture by Mariano Mantel

best insta spots berlin
House of Small Wonder
At Amstel, we have a weak spot for quirky places. So no wonder that House of Small Wonder is on this list for best insta spots in Berlin. The stairway, the greenery and its yummy cuisine make it as much fun for your tastebuds as for your Insta feed!

House of Small Wonder
Johannisstr 20

best insta spots berlin
End your day of photographing on the coolest street of Berlin, Kreuzberg’s Oranienstraße. It houses some of the coolest hip and retro café’s. Allow yourself a cocktail at Luzia. Again, an eyepleasing insta hot spot in Berlin, a great vibe and one of the best cocktails you’ll ever have!

picture by i bi

best insta spots berlin
Amstel House Berlin
We love our new sassy interior design and think it’s pretty hot damn instagrammable as well. So come stay at the Berlin’s friendliest hostel and  treat your followers to some stylish #interiordesign shots.

Amstel House Hostel Berlin
Waldenserstrasse 31