Fes – the best Turkish BBQ in Berlin

Fes – the best Turkish BBQ in BerlinHow joyful it is to experience things made out of love! Every detail is a revelation of care. This is what it is to be found at Fes – the best Turkish BBQ in Berlin. From taste to look this place of spices will mess with your senses!

With a charming atmosphere that mixes typical elements of the Turkish culture with the loose style of Berlin, Fes is an invitation to slow down. Alike the Turkish places that made fame in city for their fast food, this a restaurant to sit, relax and enjoy – slowly. First of all, every table has its own grilled; and every guest get to play the chef. Lamb ridges, Black Angus, beef steaks and marinated chicken arrive raw at the table. The quality of the meat is excellent and how cooked it get it’s up to you. From the most traditional to the most contemporary 20 difference kinds of mouth-watering mezze accompany the grill. Mostly without meet, vegetarians find in these delicious variety of side dish their way to heaven. Grilled aborigine with garlic, beetroot with yogurt, and humus with seeds are just some of this delights.

Fair prices, creative dishes, fresh ingredients, a cute décor and summerly outside area. Fes is not only the best Turkish BBQ in Berlin, but the perfect place for a night in a small group of friends. To celebrate, don’t forget to order a Raki. As everyone says: once here, you will be sure to come back.

Where: Hasenheide 58, D10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
A tip from Amstel House – your favorit hostel in Berlin

Fes – the best Turkish BBQ in Berlin Fes – the best Turkish BBQ in Berlin