MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues

Maerzfestival – Festival for Time Issues
© Maria Baranova

Time is a fascinating mystery that has been attracting the humankind since its early thoughts. Philosophers have questioned it and writers’ve romanced about it. Religious have made it their god while artists their muse. Science has proved its relativity and every one of us has undergone it in ourselves.  But what is the meaning of time in our time?

The digital era has brought a velocity never experienced before, changing our perspectives and shaping our habits and everyday life. The light of our tempo has brought a new color to an old question “What happens to our time?”.

MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues starts tomorrow to invite the public to think about it together, committing to explore time in its social-political, philosophical and artistic dimensions. It imagines the digital world as a cradle for new forms of time and it aims to  deepen experiences, find new forms of questioning, desenvolve ideas and facilitate encounters through out the years. Do not miss it.

What: MaerzMusik Festival / When: 11-20 of March