favourite parks and other nature in berlinBerlin’s full of concrete gems worth exploring. And we mean concrete in a nice way; housing our favourite museums, yummy restaurants, cute shops, artsy galleries and such. But every now and again we feel the urge to do a bit of green frolicking amongst trees and flowers. And lucky us as there’s plenty urban oases and nature in Berlin! Follow our green trail and your natural oxygen levels will be blossoming! 

The biggest, most popular, 500 year old inner-city park in Berlin next to tourist attractions like Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Zoo and Potsdamer Platz and very near to the Amstel House. You’ll find sculptures, walking paths and special gardens inside. It’s like part enchanted forest, part meadows, vines and moss.

Alt-Stralau is a peninsula on the river Spree near Rummelsburg and Treptow. Great views, strolls, picnics to be had and you can even rent a small peddle boat. How romantic!

Most popular green oasis in Neuköln, this is where the local hipsters hang out. There’s a picturesque lake and an adorable little zoo if you walk down the park.

This beautiful 19th century park with excellent view over the city from the top of the hill is great for picnics. It has an artificial waterfall in summers.

Görlitzer Park
Once an old railway station, this is Kreuzbergs most popular park with people BBQ-ing, sunbathing, playing soccer or frisbee or just enjoying the sun. Enjoy stretches of green, cafés and a swimming pool. And if you’re not only looking for some grass to sit on but also some grass to smoke, Görlitzer is your destination.

Treptower Park
Treptower park opened in 1888. And talk about nature in Berlin! A park with a meadow, a lake and a beautiful path alongside the river Spree features a Soviet War Memorial to commemorate the soldiers that fell in the 1945 Battle of Berlin.

This hidden gem in Neukölln is more a French style palace courtyard than a park but with a fountain, an orangery and an art gallery, it’s well worth a visit. The cafe is nice for a Sunday brunch!

Britzer Garten
If you’ve want to enjoy some nature in Berlin as a family, visit the breathtaking Britzer Garten. This park was created for the 1985 National Horticulture Show so it’s maintenance standards are nothing short of exceptional up until this day. There’s activities for families like lake concerts, sports events, art, food festivals so everyone will enjoy a visit.

Volkspark Humboldthain
A 10 minute bike ride from the Amstel House Hostel Berlin is Humboldthain, one of the most beautiful parks in Wedding. It includes a public pool, playgrounds, a vineyard, a climbing facility and best of all; a dreamy rose garden!

Volkspark am Weinbergsweg
Another inner-city park. Weinbergspark is surrounded by cosy little restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. Take a nice little stroll when the sun goes down, it’s breath taking.