Ostkreuz. To the West. A new perspevtive on Charlottenburg

The Zoo station together with the well known shopping street Kurfürstendamm – kindly called Ku’ damm by locals – formed at the time of the Wall the trendy center of West Berlin. Theaters, cinemas, nightclubs, cabarets, restaurants, fashionable stores and local designer made of the area the biggest buzz of that Berlin. Today a mix of many universes it gathers luxury with poverty, newcomers students with longtime residents, train stations, tourist attractions and a lot of coming and going.

Amazing C / O Berlin, the International Forum for Visual Dialogues, moved this year to the Amerika Haus, located in the area. Still being renovated the institution offers until spring 2014 open air photo exhibitions 24h/7 and gratis for all to see. The current theme is by the way the area where the exhibition takes place, nothing less than the boulevard Zoo & Ku’damm. Here 13 Photographers from the renowned Ostkreuz Agency were invited to explore Charlottenburg and its residents and to reveal the diverse stories and social strata behind the hectic activity and facades. Myths and truths, secrets and clichés, the different histories and social differences that stirred this usual urban scene were all portrayed. Going on until the 24th of November the Ostkreuz. To the West. A new perspevtive on Charlottenburg is located only 3 metro stations from the Amstel House, right in front of the Amerika Haus.