The Best Outdoor Berlin Spring Activities

Best Outdoor Berlin Spring ActivitiesThis week we welcome the season of flowers. After months immersed in cold and dark it’s time to leave the cocoon. Life, colors and the whole outside world: we’ve been longing for it. So let the spring begin! As we cannot wait any longer, here our hostel ultimate list of the best outdoor Berlin spring activities.

Spend time at the RAW Gelände
A huge, formally industrial area the RAW has become a playground for the Berliners. In addition to clubs and concert houses, the space offers – in its many different corners – outdoor parties, art exhibitions, bunker climbing, markets, open air cinema, and skate hall. All around a lush composition of graffiti.
Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Turn parks and gardens into living-rooms
Berlin has over 2.500 parks and gardens. So many alluring green corners to call yours and invite your buddies! BBQs, frisbee, asphalt windsurfing, tightrope walking, nap in the hammock or on the fresh grass. The city is ours once it’s spring and green in Berlin.
Our Absolute favorites, the triple T: Tempelhof | Tiergarten | Treptower

Shopping at the Turkish Market in Maybachufer
Herbs, fruits, flowers. Marketers screaming offers, old ladies bargaining prices. A smell of coffee on the way, freshly squeezed orange juice at the next stand. A swing cabaret street band playing at the deck over the channel and the sun melting the kid’s ice cream while a dog cleans it up. This is how a spring afternoon looks like at the Turkish market at the Maybachufer. Every Tuesdays and Fridays, from 11am to 6:30pm.

Toddle through Flea Markets
Now that we can get rid of the winter gloves, it is time to get the hands dirty and the longs dusty through Berlin’s knickknacks. Find treasures for a bargain, some original souvenirs for grandma and the perfect old leather bag for yourself. Nothing like an afternoon through the grime that layers Berlin’s vintage scene.