top 10 best travel appsTravel super light with little more than your smart phone and passport! We have collected the top 10 best travel apps for you. With the Amstel House free wifi you can start exploring these awesome apps from the moment you arrive!

Off course Google Maps, Whatsapp and Skype are already on your smart phone. As well as – probably the most handy app of them all when searching for your bunkbed in the middle of the night without waking up all the roomies… – your FLASHLIGHT. So without further ado here’s the rest …

Caroussel by Dropbox // Save all your photos at full resolution
One of the worst things that can happen to any traveller is loosing your photos. And since you make most of them with your iPhone we thought we’d let you in on an amazing new app that actually saves them in the cloud at high resolution. With Dropbox’ Caroussel you can choose to share the pics with your friends or hide them so they’re for your eyes only.

Airhelp // compensation for flight delays
Did you know that due to EU regulations you can get up to €600 back if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked? However most of us would not make the effort because of the endless paperwork. But with the AirHelp app you can quickly see if your flight is eligible for compensation and submit your compensation form in 5 easy steps.

BillPin // Split bills easily
If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you don’t want to be bothered with calculating and dividing every single expense you make. That’s where BillPin comes in. It’s a handy app that keeps track off all the expenses and who ows who.

Quickfit // Turn flabby into washboard
We all know that travelling involves a lot of tasting, eating, drinking, and more tasting. So besides running for your bus there won’t be too much of the regular exercise going on. Enter Quickfit. All you need is 7 minutes, your body and a chair and you’ll be beach proof in no time! At the Amstel House, you’re in luck! We have the most beautiful handcrafted chairs, free to use throughout the day!

Citymapper // Berlin, New york, Paris, London
We all get lost in a big city at some point. Good to know that there’s a brand new app that helps us back on track again. Citymapper offers you A to B journey planning, real-time info on all modes of transport wherever available, weather, alerts, disruptions and everything you need and may not even realise that you need to manage your life in the city.

Blinkist // Read 4 non fiction books on a flight from Amsterdam to Berlin
Most of the world’s knowledge is hidden in books. And while we at the Amstel House certainly promote reading books in our comfortable lobby, Blinkist unveils the ideas behind some of the greatest non fiction books in a beautiful, concise, and eminently usable format: blinks. The app allows you to glean a book’s insights & ideas in just 15 minutes.

Duolingo // Learn a new language on the go
Waiting for your plane? And done looking at your facebook timeline? Why not learn a new language? Duolingo was voted Apple app of the year and independent studies have found that it trumps university-level language learning.

Xe // Currency converter
This simple app is a must have when you’re travelling across borders. It allows you to convert all major currencies, view historical charts and even works offline by storing the most recent exchange rates.

Vert 2 // convert anything
Besides needing a currency converter, you might need to know how to convert kilometers into miles or liters into gallons or even your bra cup. That’s where Vert 2 comes in handy which converts over 900 units in 34 different categories and is beautifully designed.

AroundME // What’s nearby?
Arriving at a new place and want to know where the nearest ATM, gas station, post office, bar or shop is? AroundMe allows you to search the area for a whole range of things, from movie theatres to hospitals to the nearest car park.