Transmediale 2017 – Ever elusive

transmediale 2017 ever elusive logo
Credit: The Laboratory of Manuel Bürger


A Festival of our time – and of the ones to come!

It is time for Transmediale, the Berlin based festival that invites us every year to explore, understand and re-think the new connections between art, culture, and technology. As an important thermometer of the perpetually transiting media culture the festival features a broad range of exhibitions, screenings, performances and workshops to a tuned crowd of over 25.000 people. In a time of crise and change transmediale invite us to reject stable identities and explore speculative positions beyond our current dichotomies: human/nonhuman and nature/technology.

Under the theme and title ever elusive, trasmediale 2017 celebrates 30 years of festival. And, as everybody that reaches this age of maturity, it aims to use its critical and artistic knowledge gathered with the years to reframe the question of the role of media today.

As a bonus – and what a bonus – CTM Festival buzzes in cooperation with transmediale, featuring a great line-up devoted to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music. If you are in Berlin, do NOT miss it! If you need a PLACE, stay at the Amstel House.

ever elusive
thirty years of transmediale
2 Feb – 5 Mar 2017
HKW and various venues, Berlin