What to do in Berlin at night?

what to do in berlin at nightBerlin’s night life is something particular! Few cities in the world make so good use of these hidden hours of darkness. Even the never-sleeping New-York New-York can seem a little quiet next to this wild metropole. From early evenings and unpretentious happy-hours, to way pass the dawn and extravagant parties; from drama to techno, lights to trapezes, it is never boring, late or over in Berlin. Up for some fun? Come and follow us on our top tips on what to do in Berlin at night.

Berlin’s cuisine is young, fun and fused The Markthalle Neun and its Thursdays of street-food is a handy example of it. Out in the streets the cool Torstrasse in Mitte has it all with charm and style. From Curry to Tartar, the restaurants here live up to their fame. Meanwhile the homie district of Schönberg has been establishing itself for a more classic and refined gastronomy – plenty of good wine around here. And for the fans of rice, do not miss Berlin’s Asia Paradise at the close-by Kantstrasse in Charlottenburg.

Theater & Opera
One of the hottest dramatic scenes over the globe, Berlin has a cultivate theater reputation and a hectic program. From the political Berliner Ensemble, through the modern pieces of Schaubühne, until the iconic and unmissable Volksbühne, there is still so much to see in between. And as if that wouldn’t already be enough, Berlin has the privilege of hosting three different Opera Houses: Deutsche Oper, Staatsoper and Komishe Oper.

Stroll around the old town
The architecture of Berlin is full of layers of time. Strolling through the city center one can feel the different chapters of the capital’s history. From the imposing neoclassical constructions of the Prussian Empire times signed by none other than Karl Friedrich Schinkel, until the ultra modern Potsdamer Platz, a project by high tech Renzo Piano, at night the lights just make each of these different corner and curves look more beautiful. 

Enjoy a Panoramic View
Want to feel a city? Take a look from above. Specially at night Berlin’s panoramic view provides a feeling of its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Are you a classic kind of tourist? Then we recommend a look from city’s highest monument, the TV Tower. Their restaurant not only provides a 360° view, but it even turns every half an hour. For the DIY fans the Klunkerkranich at the top floor of the Neukölln Arcaden is a cute bar build in a former parking low. Music outdoor between colorful lamps and a great view from high-up.

It is not only during Berlinale that this city fills up theaters. Berlin is at not doubt a big fan o the seventh art. Visitors will find here some of the best, most beautiful and advanced cinemas. For summer nights we recommend the Open air Freiluftkino INSEL. For those looking for style do not miss the concrete charm of Kino International. But if what you want is the latest technology go to CineStar IMAX Sony Center, Berlin’s largest screen with the world’s best 3-D technology.

Berlin is a city that boasts of its good bohemian life. Here bars are full from Monday to Monday. Whether among vintage furniture, in a dark corner covered with posters, or between pink walls and neon lights there’s plenty of beer and corners for all the tribes. Kastanienallee (Prenzlauer Berg), Oranienstraße (Kreuzberg) and Simon-Dach-strasse (Friedrichshain) are just a few streets to name which host one bar after another.

Live Music
Home for one of the richest independent music production scenes in the world Berlin offers an eclectic, avant-garde and talented concert program. From classical music in the dazzling philharmonic, to an improvised jazz at a piano store; at the sound of punk in a filthy basement, or trying some experimental music in a huge concrete factory, living music in Berlin is definitely an unique experience, no matter your taste.

Finally, for those real devotees of the night, who dance like there’s no tomorrow, Berlin is your mecca. Parties that never end, the dream line-ups in the coolest clubs in the world equipped with the best in sound and light. Here some suggestions: the very first techno legend Tresor; the hedonistic Sisyphos and the iconic Berghain are just some this joy providers with no time to end.