Best crafting in Berlin – 3 ideas for new hobbies

best crafting in berlin - art shops and creative classes

Creativity is the fuel for the mind. And this is the time to explore it! Whether you’re a three year old budding Picasso or want to take up sewing, painting, knitting, or ceramics at a more adult age, use the quarantine to devote yourself to a new hobby. To help you find it we go inspired by Berlins special crafty quality. Artists and creative folks have been coming to Berlin for centuries. So let us take you on a virtual tour of the best crafting in Berlin. You can start it from home – and when is time join them later. A tribute to all things handmade and to all the small businesses that go through difficult days today.



First, our newfound love: ceramics. This ancient habit of man can serve as the best therapy in these days of isolation. Besides awakening one’s creativity, contact with clay, its moisture and organic materials can relieve the lack of human contact.

Berlin inspiration: Studio Argile – Neukölln

Studio Argile is a ceramics studio and a wonderful place to try the luck at the pottery wheel. It’s a collaboration between Marilyne Blais ceramics and Helka ceramics. They offer monthly classes and boy, are you lucky if you can join one! Visit their website. 

Address Studio Argile
Warthestraße 68 

Berlin inspiration #2: Pottery to the People – Wedding

Another wonderful pottery workshop is Pottery to the People. They offer studio space for budding ceramists as well as workshops for those who want to learn. Everyone who wants to get their hands dirty is welcome.

Address Pottery to the People

Wollankstrasse 72



Everybody seems to be into knitting again these days. From celebrities like Uma Thurmann and your royal hotness Ryan Gossling to models knitting between runways. It’s no longer only your great grandmother that knits.

Berlin inspiration: Knit Knit – Mitte

So about time we show you one of our favorite knit shops in Berlin; KNIT KNIT. They also do lovely knitting workshops like ‘Knitting for Beginners’ and ‘Knit your own socks’.

Address Knit Knit – Mitte
Line 154 (Corner of Tucholskystraße)


Have you always wanted to make your own clothes? Design the outfits exactly your way, express your unique style and even stop sponsoring the big brands? This is your chance!

Berlin inspiration: Hüco Stoffe – Mitte

If Heidi Klum were to film an episode of Project Runway in Berlin, Hüco would be her first stop fabric store. Clothing fabrics, interior textiles, Children’s fabrics, you name it, Hüco has it. So for all aspiring fashion and interior designer, go visit this fabric warehouse. Best of all, it’s a five minute bike ride away from Amstel House Berlin.

Address Hüco Stoffe

Lise-Meitner-Strasse 7-9


For when you come to Berlin

Berlin has two paradises for artists, craftsmen and creative. Like the rest of the trade, they are also closed. Sooner or later things will return to normal. But not everything (or everyone) will be the same. With a new hobby you might start new projects. These two stores are a good start 😉

Modular – art shop in Kreuzberg

Architects, designer and makers alike swear by Modular as their go-to destination for all things creative. From stationery to art supplies to model making tools, this shop with close to 40,000 products is a true craft mecca if you ask us. Some visitors would move to Berlin just because of Modular.

Modular location

Prinzenstrasse 85

Edelhoff Kreativhaus – Friedrichshain

Art supplies, paper of all sorts, yarn, floristry, beads, paint and craft books. Edelhoff has it all. Their super friendly staff will help all your creative dreams come true.

Address Edelhoff Kreativhaus

Rudolf Selffert Strasse 3


Happy crafting!