Best massages in Berlin

Best massages in Berlin - the most affordable and relaxing massages in BerlinBerlin holds true to its reputation for being Europe’s best party destination, but when it comes to unwinding, we’re pretty dedicated too. We’ve taken you to the best spas in Berlin before. But if you’re looking for the most affordable and absolute best massages in Berlin, get into relaxing mode and follow along.

NIVEA HAUS massage

Who didn’t grow up with the blue jar at arm’s length? Now you can visit the NIVEA Haus in Berlin and get a trip down memory lane and a great massage! They serve killer Macchiatos as well. Combine the two; you will get a 10 min soothing massage and a macchiato for only 12 euros!


Unter den Linden 28

Open: 10.00 – 20.00 everyday (closed on Sundays)
Massages start at €12


Thai Silk Massage

Berlin insiders are crazy about the traditional Thai massages to be had at Thai Sil Massage. It’s popular so make a reservation when you can or check availability.

Thai Silk Massage
Marburger Straße 5, Charlottenburg
Open: Mon – Fri  17.00 – 22.00   |  Sat – Sun  10.00 – 21.00
Massages start at €30



Next to their lush spa resort with sauna and pool, all built in a Balinese setting, Vabali also offers one of the best massages in Berlin. This haven of piece is only 10 minutes from the Amstel House, so what’s stopping you?

Seydlitzstraße 6, Berlin Mitte
Open: 10.00 – 22.00 everyday
Massages start at €36


Cowshed at Soho House

Ok, maybe not super affordable. But hey, sometimes you want a little glam. So let’s show you the fancy stuff, free celebrity spotting included. Think nice music, great design and lots of velvet. Enter your deep tissue massage and feel ah-mazing afterwards. Go on, spoil yourself!

Cowshed at Soho House
Marburger Straße 5, Charlottenburg
Open: Mon – Fri  8.00 – 22.00   |  Sat – Sun  10.00 – 22.00
Massages start at €50



Do you have any tips for the best massage in Berlin? Let us know and we will check it out and include it in our list when we love it as much as you!