How to survive winter in Berlin – Lockdown edition

We’re back again with 5 tips on how to survive winter in Berlin in 2021!

the Amstelblog has been hibernating for a few months – like the rest of the world.
New year, new us – right?
It’s hard to fulfill the new years resolutions in general and with the lockdown, it’s even harder! Not that this would justify as an apology but you can use that if you want to.

The first little snowflakes covered Berlin in the most beautiful scenery which almost lasted for about an hour. After a while even the most romantic people realize it’s actually just rain, acting like snow.
Also, Berlin in winter is known for being gray and with the pandemic going on and Germany being in a strict lockdown again, it’s not changing it’s reputation of being quite depressing.

But behold! If you are in Berlin (or actually anywhere and it’s cold), we have some tips how to survive the winter 2021, the shitty weather, the cold AND the social distancing.
Sounds impossible?
Give our 5 tips a try and see it for youself.


We promise: This will take a while, and hopefully by the time you can perfectly order a “Döner mit Allem und mit scharf” (a kebab) the stores and bars will be open again! There are fun ways to learn a language, even german:

find a tandem-partner and meet regularly on zoom
watch children TV or movies that you already know in german, preferably with german subtitles. It helps reading the words and it’s less frustrating when you already know the movies so you understand whats going on: We recommend: all Harry Potter movies, Spongebob and/or for an easy entrance Pepper Pig. Most streaming services have an option to change the language and subtitles, so you will be able to see what you are hearing.
Read easy stories: There are books specifically to learn a language you have no knowlegde off. It’s very satisfying when you are done with a chapter and you feel as if you understood it.


Are you living in a WG or with your partner? PERFECT! That means you can try out or learn a lot of fun games together. Card games, board games, drinking games – you name it. You spend qualitiy time with the few people you are allowed to be with, you lift your eyes off from a screen and  it’s a lot of fun to reconnect with your inner child again.
If you live by  yourself, you might find the time to solve a puzzle – It’s more fun than you might think and you have a little cute piece of art.

But when you need the table again, it’s a little heartbreaking to put it back in the box, but sometimes life is just bittersweet, isn’t it?


Or at least – be able to create your own drinks to show off after lockdown with your new earned skills. There are some courses on youtube, how to make good drinks. And I know: You all would love to have a little bar with some nice spirits and ingredients at home, instead of a half empty bottle vodka from your birthday 2 years ago. You can learn how to mix, measure and shake your shaker like the cool people in the movies! Nobody sees how often you fail and spill your Pina Colada all over the kitchenfloor  – and when there will be parties again, you can be sure, you’ll impress everyone. Bonus: Someone has to drink all the drinks you produce.


Channel your inner grandma and learn how to knit. Wool and the needles are available online and so are very helpful videos on youtube, that will teach you from scratch. Sooner or later you will be able to knit yourself a beautiful scarf to survive the cold. Very unique, very Berlin. And you can already start making stuff for next Christmas! You’ll save so much money on Christmas presents for your family if you and you’ll kill the time at home ! It’s also a beautiful way to create something and get a break from the screen once you managed to do it without youtube.
Bonus: If your grandparents or parents knows how to knit or crochet (and like it), you can create beautiful bonding moments on a level you had the last time when they showed you how to tie your shoes.


If you didn’t notice yet: You spend a lot of time at home at the moment. Especially when you are working from home  – not everyone put a lot of effort in making it nice in the past, because they went to work, bars, clubs and all sorts of stuff (Someone is cutting onions here, right?)
So open pinterest and get inspired. You don’t have to put a lot of money in it – there are plenty cool DIY ideas that make a huge difference already.

But before you put more stuff into your place, get rid of stuff you don’t need.
Clothes, papers, broken things, books, kitchen utensils.. the stuff that for some reason always just gets more and more. Make 2 piles: Trash and Donations. Everything that is still nice and usable, you can ask at local charities if they have use for it. For example   Frauenhäuser  or Moabit Hilft.
There are containers from DRK in Berlin to dispose good, old clothes for good causes.
If you still need more inspiration: Watch me Marie Kondo series on Netflix! Does it spark joy?

Thats the best we can do, to at least get you trough lockdown and maybe help you avoid a seasonal/pandemic depression.

Keep your head up, things will get better.

Stay safe!