A guide to getting your first tattoo in Berlin – 10 tips for your first ink

guide to getting your first tattoo in berlin

Researching and preparing for your first tattoo can be a daunting task. A while ago we wrote a blog about the best places to get your tattoo in Berlin. And we got loads of reactions. Most reactions are by people who are considering to get their first piece of body art when visiting Berlin. So we asked some of our favourite inked staff and guests for a few tips when getting your first tattoo in Berlin.

Research the design
This piece of art is going to be ON you forever. So be sure you pick a timeless design that is really your style. Not just a fad or trend. Countless people nowadays regret the little dolphin or Chinese sign they inked on their body years ago. Go over all the details so the final outcome is exactly as you envisioned.

Research the tattoo shop
Read our article about the best tattooists in Berlin. Pick a tattooist that fits your style, budget and quality standards.

Keep it simple
Start with a minimal, simple tattoo. You almost can’t go wrong, it’s timeless and it’s a good way to see if you having a tattoo.   

Avoid quotes
Quotes are seldom timeless. They have a tendency to become a tad cheezy over time. So unless it’s something original like a favourite line of your favourite song, think twice.

Avoid names….
For obvious reasons, we would advice not to get the name of your current lover inked on your body. It might seem eternal now but you just never know.

Think placement
Think long and hard about the location on your body. Hands and neck might not be super practical for some job prospects. Bellies might stretch over time, causing dolphins to turn into whales… So take your time for choosing the perfect placement.

Don’t get a sunburn
Sunburned skin is damaged skin and cannot be tattooed. So it will not only be painful, ink can be diluted as well and cause visibility problems.

Don’t drink the night before
When you have too much alcohol still in your blood from the night before, there will be excessive bleeding. Good tattoo shops will not start tattooing anyway as it is forbidden.

Pain relief
If you would like to use a pain relief product, ask you tattoo artist beforehand about the possibilities. So some skin numbing products can cause changes to the top layer of your skin so best consult beforehand.

Listen carefully to the tattooist’s advice for the aftercare of your tattoo. So looking after it well will make it look and age pretty over the years.

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