SAPPHIRE Berlin by Daniel Libeskind– an architectural masterpiece

building berlin, sapphire  by daniel libeskind
You might have wondered when walking the streets of Mitte. What is that new futuristic building doing there? One of Berlin’s latest architectural gems remains a mystery to many that pass this aesthetically pleasing building. It’s steel, it’s sparkling, it’s geometric. But what is it? And what is it used for? So let’s unravel another one of Berlin’s mysteries; the Sapphire Berlin by Daniel Libeskind on Chausseestraße in Mitte.

The Sapphire building was designed by world famous architect Daniel Libeskind. And extra special; this latest architectural work of genius is his very first residential building in Berlin. It has 73 apartments on the upper levels and retail shops on the ground level. The big signature angular windows and walls bring in more natural light and make the apartments feel spacious. The Penthouse has some extra coolness with a double height ceiling and a tilted façade. Off course, the penthouse has a rooftop with an amazing and exclusive view over the city of Berlin.

And whoop whoop best of all; it’s environmentally friendly! They coated it with a special titanium dioxide that is self cleaning and can generate oxygen from rain and sun rays. Thus adding a bit of clean air to Berlin every second since its completion in 2017.

So hello Berlin, city of the past and future! Let this be a blueprint for all future buildings in cities globally!

Finally, go find the Sapphire Berlin by Daniel Libeskind on Chausseestraße 43, 10115 Berlin.