Best of Berlin for families – get creative!

best of berlin for families

“This is boring” is every parent’s worst nightmare when taking kids on a city trip. Berlin, being the ultra cool city, chances are you won’t get bored here soon. But to make sure your kids have the best time possible, we set out to find you the best of Berlin for families. We focused on arts and crafts this time so get ready to enrol in Berlin’s creative scene together with your offspring!



The first on this list has to be our old time favourite; the MACHmit museum. It is a creative extravaganza with workshops, arty exhibitions and monthly themes.

Senefelderstraße 5

Open: Tue – Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Open: 24/7


Legoland Discovery Centre

Creativity doesn’t always have to involve paint and a brush; building something that your own imagination envisioned is just as creatively pleasing! Take your kids out for a morning or afternoon building their own dream castle at Legoland Berlin. Sure, it is shameless products promotion, but when the product is so universally loved, who are we to judge?

Potsdamer Straße 4

Open: Daily 10.00 – 19.00

Open: 24/7


East Side Gallery

For those kids of the age old enough to appreciate ‘creative selfies’, visit the East Side Gallery. It is the largest standing symbol of the Cold War, 1316 consecutive meters of the Berlin Wall. Still standing and decorated by grafitti art of 118 artists, it makes the East Side Gallery the largest open air artwork in the world.

Mühlenstraße 3-100

Open: 24/7


Berlin Art Week

Since 2012, every year in September, the Berlin Art Week takes place. If you have teens who enjoy a healthy dose of contemporary art, this week is a brilliant time to come to Berlin! Museums, galleries, pop ups, there lots to be discovered.


Little Art Lab

If you’re looking for a space to get your creative hands dirty together with your kids in Berlin, Little Art Lab is the one. They do workshops and bespoke events for kids (age 2 and up) and families. Check out their latest creative events planned here.