Berlin best dumpling places

berlin best dumpling placesFried, roasted or steamed. Pink, white or yellow. With spiced meat or chopped vegetables, salty or sweet. It does not really matter: we love dumplings anyway. For this special reason, and because our yummy city has so much of it to offer, we made our list of the best dumpling places in Berlin.

The famous ancient Chinese tradition Yuncha means “tee drinking”. Right at the heart of Berlin the restaurant that honors this old habit is all about the magic drink and its traditional companion: dumplings! Three different portions should give you a taste and fill your stomach at Yumcha Heroes
Weinbergsweg 8 | 10119 Berlin

Where China meets Japan – in Berlin! Dr. To’s stylish dishes decorated with banana leaves can cost a pretty penny. But their fresh made dumplings, together with so many other delicious tapas, are worth the investment. Pick this place for that special night in Berlin.
Weichselstrasse 54 | 12045 Berlin

Welcoming atmosphere, cute look and dishes made with love. Häppies is knows by some faithful costumers as the paradise of Germknödel, a German / Austrian boiled potato-dough dumpling kind and specialty. Round and big they can be stuffed with meat or vegetables as main dish. Here always accompanied with salad. Or as desert, as the classic with plum jam.
Dunckerstraße 85 | 10437 Berlin

For the vegetarians and vegans, a specialized dumpling restaurant made with love and organic products for you. Besides the high quality and the animal friendly secret recipes, MOMOS also make sure to use only ecologically sustainable ingredients, many of which from the region of Berlin.
Chausseestraße 2 | 10115 Berlin