10 tips for female travelers

tips for female travelersLast week’s post on best buys for backpackers triggered our female staff members – keen travelers themselves – to create a top 10 list for all girl travelers out there. Don’t worry boys, there are some tips that you can use as well (might wanna skip #8 …) but you will have your own list in the near future!

1. Hooded pillow
This is the closest you’ll get to travel perfection. Nap like a boss with a brand new invention; the Travel Hoodiepillow®!

2. Noise-cancelling headphones
Mute the snoring neighbour, the chatty lady on the other side and the crying kids. If you travel a lot, these are definitely worth your money!

3. Shoes…
If in any way possible, wear you bulkiest on the plane. And pack your other shoes wisely as they weigh most of all your luggage. Chances are you’re packing too many. Pack one or two extra pairs that go with everything.

4. Pack like a man
As we are already talking packing (here’s a handy pack list we made for you), go easy on the clothes. So many girls come to the Amstel House hostel with a larger-than-life suitcase or backpack that is will be a pain every time you have to carry it. Here’s a trick: lay out everything you want to bring on the floor and put half back. You’ll pick up some new stuff on the way as well so you’ll be fine. Really. You’ll be fine.

5. Preload a book / movie
Although you can rely on most airlines to have a pretty decent on board entertainment program, preload a favourite movie or book on your device just in case. Combined with #4 these will be a bliss once you’re in the air! Don’t forget to bring an extra mobile battery charger that will last you at least 2 hours!

6. Bring a scarf
Take a scarf on the plane. Planes generally get chilly and you can wear them around your neck or as a wrap.

7. Jewelry
Remove rings, bracelets and that elastic band around your wrist on board. You body is going to swell due to cabin pressure and it won’t feel pleasant.

8. Leggings
Leggings are by far the most comfy to travel in so if you can get away with them on board and don’t have a fancy meeting when you get off board, combine them with a long shirt or cardigan and go for it. No track pants though… You have to draw a line here…

9. Pack your favorite snacks
Bring your own snacks! Pretzels, an apple, nuts, carrots, dried fruit, granola bars and some unhealthy stuff if you must (hey, it’s a holiday!). It’s better tasting and a lot cheaper than the stuff you can get on the airport or train station. And don’t get us started on airplane food… YUGH!

10. Invent a husband
There are occasions when inventing a fake husband back home is wise to keep the weirdos away. Take a cheap ring and a fake photo and you’ll be surprised how differently you’ll be treated.