5 free apps to boost your IQ and kill waiting time

free apss that make you smarter

Kill some time and get a whole lot smarter while travelling; win-win! Studies have shown that training your brain regularly will enhance working memory, processing speed and brain function. Download these five free apps to boost your IQ before you travel and you will impress everyone with your new increased brainpower!

    Start learning a new language while you’re waiting! Duolingo allows you to start with the basics and you practice your writings skills as well as your pronunciation The more advanced you get, the more complex the assignments you’ll be given.

    Positive psychology has proven to lower stress, increase empathy and as a result have you smile all day. Who doesn’t want that? With Happify’s polls and quizzes you train your happy skills.
    You see so many interesting articles come by that you just don’t have time to read them. Until… You’re at the airport, you have an extra hour to kill and the wifi is off… Pocket to the rescue! You can save all your articles and make them available offline. It’s like your only little magazine!
    Eidetic uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorize anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts. It uses items that have meaning and context, like your boyfriend’s phone number, bank account details, or a new quote worth reciting. It works by testing you at increased intervals.
  1. PEAK
    Train your brain! On the way to work or on the plane, it really doesn’t matter where you have a few extra minutes to spare. You choose your own training plan (sounds way more serious than it is!) and get started! You will notice the progress within a week!