meet the staff // caro

Amstel House Caro

I work at the Amstel House Hostel since October 2012. It’s been great working here. Currently, I study hotel and tourism management two days a week and the rest of the week I work at the Amstel House reception and back office. I also love to follow my passion: dancing, doing handicrafts or experiencing culture. I’ve been dancing my whole life and can’t see another way of relaxing. The great pleasure I get when I’m knitting, painting or building something with my own hands I just can’t express in words. However, my roommates (all three of them) seem to like all of my creative work since my craziness has taken over our whole apartment!! 

1. What do you love about Berlin?
I love to live in Berlin because there is just so much to see. And it never ends. I love to ride my bike and discover all the secret little places where I haven’t been before. There a so many little cafés, shops or green parks that I love to visit on a sunny day.

For example, one day I found a cute little vegetarian shop called “Kleiner Grüner Laden” right at the Spree river. I go there once a week now and buy all my favourite things. It’s just AWESOME! =)

2. What’s your favourite hot spot in Berlin?
My favourite hot spot in Berlin is the Tierpark. When I am stressed out and in desperate need of some rest I go there, have a walk, a picnic or a talk with a friend .. or sometimes with an animal. =)

3. Moabit, where the Amstel House is located, is well on its way to becoming the new hottest neighbourhood in Berlin. What’s your favourite hot spot in Moabit?After a long day of studying or working I like to sit in the idyllic café Baumgarten near the station Bellevue. While watching the setting sun and its beautiful reflection on the river Spree I enjoy my hot chocolate and a freshly made Baumkuchen. =)

4. What do you like most about working at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin?
Day after day I enjoy working at the Amstel House Hostel Berlin. I feel very comfortable because I am able to communicate with our guests in a way that I can be myself as well as professional. This behaviour reflects on our guests and I think this is why we have such nice guests to talk to.

5. What’s the last place you travelled to and what did you like best?
I just went to Cologne. The place where you can dress up crazy and dance all day long without being looked at as if you were mental. =) Once a year you go there and party with everyone that likes to participate in such awesome event. I am talking about KARNEVAL!

6. What is your secret super power?
I have the ability to turn even the easiest cooking dish into a disaster. I guess I am just not made for the kitchen. =)

7. If you could sing a song on The Voice of Germany, what would it be?
Sad Man’s Tongue by Volbeat

8.Who is your celebrity crush?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

9. What 3 items would you bring to a deserted island other than food?
 would bring a comfortable hammock, my favourite book and a delicious cocktail. =)