packing light tips

lessons in packing light

Less is more they say, but as much as we’ve travelled, we always end up over packing. How many times have you come home with an overweight suitcase and only worn half of it? Chances are you’re arriving in Berlin with one of the budget airlines that charge you for bringing anything but hand luggage so we thought we’d share our tips for packing light with you. And yes boys, you could learn a thing or two as well! For 10 travel tips for girls, go here. If you need a complete packing list for backbackers, go here

Check the weather reports before you go so you know what to bring. Cross check with the friends you’re travelling with so you don’t end up with four blow dryers. If you’re only going to one hotel or hostel, check if they have complementary towels, shampoo, bed sheets etc. At the Amstel House Hostel we provide our guests with sheets and you can get towels at the reception so you can cut back already.

Lay out (only) the essentials that you need to take on the bed. This would include your toiletries, underwear and one pair of jeans.

Mix & Match
Then add items that you can easily mix and match. Jeans and basic coloured tops are perfect for this. With everything you add, ask yourself ‘will I absolutely wear this?’. If the answer is maybe, don’t bring it. If it turns out you do need the snorkel or the hat, you can always buy it locally.

As we adviced previously, wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. For most trips, this means wearing comfortable (and easy to match) sneakers on the plane and bringing along one other pair and a pair of flip flops.

Accessories way nothing and can spice up your outfit and your looks, even after feeling grungy from a flight or long car ride.

Cut back. More.
Be brutal, you don’t need everything. Put at least 5 items back in your closet. Yes, you can wear things twice… And, hey, it turns out, there are washing machines in other countries as well. And if your good times in Berlin last longer than your stash of clean clothes, at the Amstel House Hostel, we will even wash your clothes for you.