Save money for travel

Save money for your travels

They say that travelling is the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer. We couldn’t agree more! So apart from offering you the best quality accommodation for the best price in Berlin, we have also made you a list with 10 ways to save serious money for your travels…


1. Reduce your monthly bills!
Ok this is no rocket science but you can litterally save piles of money every month by:

Reducing your power, gas and water bills. How? Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the drier, put thermostat a few degrees lower, use energy efficient light bulbs,  time your showers.

Reducing phone bills. Invest one hour online, there is always a better mobile plan for your needs. Can you get a discount as a long time loyal customer? Let the newest version of you phone pass by and transfer to sim only.

Re-examine your health insurance. Again, one hour of your time might save a lot of money in the long run.

Lower your accomModation cost. Maybe you can rent out a room for a while, move to a cheaper appartment / with a friend, refinance your mortgage.

Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Read the articles of your interest online or flick through magazines at the newsstand. If it’s really interesting that month, go ahead and buy it but cancel the subscription.

2. Walk, bike or use public transport
Do you really need a car? It’s depreciating from the minute you buy it and a large part of your monthly budget goes to fuel, insurance and repair costs. Even if it’s only for the 6 months before you leave for your trip, it would save a lot of money to loose the car.  Rent a car when you really need one or ride the bike, you’ll be a lot fitter as well.

3. Take lunch to work / school
Even when you only spend 5-10 on lunch daily, it adds up! Take leftovers, fruit or a sandwich from home. Chances are it’s healthier as well.

4. Shop less…
This is super obvious (and boring) but try to minimize your clothes shopping. Making it a game helps. For instance, bet a friend, your shopaholic aunt or yourself you can go without shopping one simple item (except food) for 30 days. You’re saving already!

5. Go out less…
Even more boring, but there are alternatives! Invite people to your house fro dinner and drinks and let everyone bring some drinks (BYO).

6. When going out, go cash
Super simple but when going out you tend to spend more then you hoped for so take a fixed cash amount and leave your ATM card at home.

7. Couch surfing / visit friends (of friends..)
One of the biggest expenses while travelling is your accommodation. If you can sleep somewhere for free that’s brilliant! Couch surfing is a very popular way but why not ask your friends if they know people at the places you’ll travel. You’ll meet new fun people and have a free place to crash!

8. Cook your own food
In most places in Asia it’s cheaper to buy food than to make it yourself but in a lot of countries it’s wiser to cook your own food.  Especially when you stay in a place for more than just a couple of days. And lucky you, we have 25 easy recipes for backpackers right here on the Amstel Blog! And when you come visit us in Berlin, you can even use our kitchen to prepare your meals.

9. Air BnB
Rent out your own place occasionally before you go travelling. Just spend a weekend at your parents place or visit a friend for one weekend a month and save on your rental costs.

10. Save money on your tickets
Read our blog on when and how to book the best flight here. You will save money and have the best seats!