How to create the ultimate travel bucket list – What’s on yours?

how to create a travel bucket list

People talk a lot about bucket lists. But did you ever actually make one? You should! For several reasons. First of all, they make you slow down and stop to think what you want to experience in your lifetime. Second, they remind you that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. And most importantly, they make you happy! Why? Three essential ingredients for happiness are 1. curiosity, 2. hope and 3. a sense of experience. So it’s pure science! So let us help you create the ultimate travel bucket list in just a few simple steps. 

1. Dream BIG
And when we say big, we mean BIG! Take out a piece of paper and plot down every destination that comes to mind and why you want to visit it. Nothing is impossible and there are no limits here. So free your mind and let the dream destinations roll out.

2. Be inspired by Likeminded others
Before you complete the travel bucket list, talk to friends and friends of friends that are like you. They will inspire you with tips and can hook you up with local hot spots and friends should for destinations they have loved and visited. This will help your bucket list destinations become more achievable. And who knows, you might end up finding a new travel soul mate who will join you on a few travel bucket list destinations.

3. Prioritise
Simply put numbers before each destination. So which travel destination is #1 priority to visit on your bucket list and which destinations can wait a little longer? Visualize a top three and turn dreams into reality. What excites you most? Which destinations have to be visited now before they are flooded with tourists?

4. Break down and plan
It’s time for some old school planning. A list is just a piece of paper in a drawer unless you follow through with some planning. Therefore, you need to break the destinations up and create a short term and a long term timeline to make it happen. Some destinations might be good to enjoy in your 40s, some are better in summer. Some will be short city trips, others will be long backpack adventures.

5. Budget
With planning comes budgeting. Calculate how much you have to save up for trip x, y and z. Can you work while you are there? Is the destination cheap or expensive? What would your daily budget be? So we have some great tips on how to earn money for travel here and how to travel on a budget here and here.

Travel single or travel with a friend, all up to you but with this ‘how to create a travel bucket list’ tutorial you should be well on your way to your next destination! And if Berlin is on that list, be sure to pay the Amstel House Hostel Berlin a visit! We are the friendliest hostel in Berlin, so we will show you the best time to be had in Berlin. Our staff is well travelled so we’ll have plenty of tips for your next travel bucket list!