Upgrade your hostel stay – easy tips to make it more homey and personal

upgrade your hostel stay - how to make your travels more homey and personal
Staying in hostels is one of the best thing about backpacking. It saves you money that you can put towards adventures and you meet loads of new and interesting people that you can share experiences and tips with. At the
Amstel House we are currently in full re-decoration mode, making it not only the friendliest hostel in Berlin but also the most comfortable and stylish hostel in Berlin. We have completed one floor and our playroom already, take a peak here or follow us on insta. Today, we want to give you some fun tips on how to upgrade your hostel stay. Make your own little spot at any hostel homey and magical. 

Favourite pictures gallery
Bring a set of photos of loved ones, your dog or other cool (travel) pics that you like and a roll of funky masking tape. Stick a few photos on the wall and in just seconds, it will look so much nicer and personal. Great conversation starter as well!

Your favourite ingredients
Awesome hostels have a kitchen. The Amstel House has a brand new one as a matter of fact. Kitchens are great for meeting new people and sharing stories over preparing a meal. We have some great backpacker recipes for you here. To upgrade a stay at any hostel, take a few of your favourite herbs, spices, tea bags, coffee and tiny other preservable ingredients with you.

Smells like home
Bring a small travel size spraying bottle with a mix of water and your #1 favourite washing detergent. As soon as you arrive, spray your pillow and your sheets with it. After a night on the town, you’ll have forgotten all about it, until… your lay your head down and smell the yummy odours. Then big chance you’ll doze off with a smile.

Small treasures
Bring a small keepsake box like this tiny treasure tin. Perfect for small treasures from back home and treasures you pick up along the way, like cards of favourite restaurants and shells from a special beach.

Download your favourite music onto your phone so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have wifi. Also, bring small, high quality travel speakers and / or a good headset. This way you can enjoy your own music

At your farewell party, ask your friends to scribble down something fun or sweet that you can open while travelling. Not a post on your facebook wall or an email. But an actual note in their handwriting. Every couple of days, or whenever you feel like it, you open one. In return, maybe write your friends little messages while you’re away.

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