Dutch Pancake Night with Robin Vogelaar

Dutch Pancake Night with Robin VogelaarThe Amstel House had the pleasure to host the Dutch Pancake Party with Robin Vogelaar in Berlin.

Two Saturdays ago the Amstel House team got very surprised – and in the best way! After exchanging some emails with Robin Vogelaar we agreed to host his Dutch Pancake Night event in Berlin. What we thought it would be a group of people cooking together and having some drinks turned out to be one of the most fun parties we’ve ever had.

During this special night we welcomed a lively, colorful and international crowd of almost 300 people, loaded with the most different types of toppings and a lot of energy to talk and sing. All of our lobby tables were full of hands occupied with pancake mix preparation, while the line in the kitchen for the cooking was going out the door and around the pool table.

Meanwhile our Amstel staff didn’t even had to time to be open-mouthed (as we all felt internally the entire time). The bar line just wouldn’t get shorter! Beers and drinks were going as water :O We just had sooo much fun!

We are now also fans of the event. But as location we just can’t follow Robin all around. So we decided to start a campaign to convince him to have a Berlin edition every six months. If you agree, please join us by writing Robin a message ;). We can’t wait for the next one.

The Dutch Pancake Night

After realizing that his life was all taken by work and that there was not much time left for meeting friends, Robin Vogelaar started organizing pancakes night at his home town Amsterdam. What started with a small group of 20 friends soon turned into a crowd of 150 people. He then took a step further and began to present the event internationally in other cities. With the cover of a Dutch newspaper the event boomed. Robin now travels every weekend to a new city around the world. The event took place already in more than 90 locations, from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, from New York to Berlin.Go go: Dutch Pancake Night with Robin Vogelaar!!! Check here for upcoming events.