The ultimate backpacker phrasebook from English to German – and to Berliner dialect!

phrasebook from English to GermanEverything you need to know as a backpacker in German and in Berliner dialect.

Traveling to a foreign country is a delightful challenge. We plunge into a strange universe not always easy to grasp. Perhaps the first and most difficult obstacle to overcome is language. Of course we can always have some fun inventing gestures, testing our drawing talents and making the full of ourselves by pronouncing words ver-y slow-ly; and still hope people will understand us. But sometimes this improvisation game can be troubling.   

Indeed, for those arriving in Germany, the first shock is undoubtedly the language: this hard beast to tame. Meter long words, worldwide-known-cruel gramma rules, apparently unpronounceable combinations of letters. Yes, we know. It even sounds like swearing. But it is just the first impression. German is a very accurate language, but very charming too. The favorite of many philosophers, who use it even with much poetry. Hard to believe?

The Amstel House has made the ultimate backpacker phrasebook from English to German – and to Berliner dialect! Thought not only to help you get around and make the best out of your Berlin Trip, but mostly to introduce you into this language of wisdom, so that you can later show off to friends once back at home. Digital, ready to be print out and FOR FREE! Each one of the chapters guide you through hostel and travel common situations: check-in, service, around the hostel, bar, public transportation, locating, meeting people, flirting and backpacker’s vocabulary. Download now your backpacker phrasebook! Stay at the Amstel House. Train first with our cheerful staff. We will love to hear you.