How to travel more – 10 ways to travel more in 2019

how to travel more - 10 ways to travel more in 2019

For all folks making promising new year’s resolutions right about now, this one will always be our favourite. It’s adventurous. It gives you new, amazing memories and stories. And some friendships with likeminded others you’ll make along the way will last a lifetime. So let us help you achieve it with these 10 ways how to travel more in 2019.

1. Minimalize
Hello open door. But really, you often don’t NEED most of the stuff you buy. IInstead, set some money aside for travel. Make it fun by making it a challenge for you and your travel partner. For instance; don’t buy any clothes or accessories for the next 6 months. It will amaze you how much you will save for spectacular travel adventures.

2. Rent out your place
Spend a weekend cleaning up your own apartment or room, buy some nice flowers and take a few stunning pics. Put your shiny place on AirBnB and rent it out while you’re travelling. If you travel cheap (see tips below) and rent out your apartment for a nice sum, you might even end up making money!

3. Be adventurous and try ‘Everywhere’
Skyscanner is our go to place when finding the cheapest airline tickets anyway. But they now have a function where you can fill in the preferred dates of your travel and type ‘everywhere’ as your destination. They will offer the cheapest destinations for that period. Whoop whoop. Hello adventure!

4. Pick a cheap travel destination
Besides the cost of a ticket, most of your budget will be spent locally. So choose your travel destination wisely. We’re a little biased but Berlin has proven to be one of the best and cheapest places to travel in Europe. We’re happy to help you with tips like the best free things to do in Berlin. Feel free (pun intended!) to ask our staff for more tips.

5. Take more short trips
If it’s not so much the budget but the number of days you can take off work that limit your travel time, plan more short trips. Some of the coolest trips are close to home. Choose destination that (in travel time, not distance) is close to and you have at least 104 possible days you can spend on travelling. If you live near or in a popular destination yourself, renting out your apartment on these days will generate more as well.

6. Stay at a GREAT hostel
Want to meet other likeminded travellers, get the best tips, save money and stay at a place with a unique character? Then staying at a hostel is your best choice. Read our article with insider tips on how to pick the very best hostel for you. And if Berlin is your destination, then let Berlin’s friendliest hostel spoil you best we can.

7. Book your airline tickets wisely
Our staff are experienced travellers and have collected, over the years, some nifty tips on how to book the best airline tickets. These not only include tips on how to save money but also win in the travel comfort department.

8. Work remotely
Are you one of the lucky ones who can work from any destination? Then book an interesting destination, find a comfortable place to effectively get in a few work hours. If you plan around a weekend you get to explore your destination to the fullest!

9. Barter
Some destinations will give you a discount in exchange for your talent. At the Amstel House Berlin for instance, we regularly welcome illustrators, musical talent as well as travel and lifestyle bloggers. That way you can do what you love, share your talent and save on your travel accommodation.

10. Make travel your #1 priority
Sounds obvious but our experience really is that when you prioritize travel, you’ll travel more. Whenever you are tempted to spend your money on something else, it will make you realize your next trip will take that much longer. You might have to skip a birthday party, not own the 7th pair of (perfect!) jeans. But when travelling more is your number one priority, you will have time and money to travel.

Above all, have an amazing new year! With more travel and lots of fun and adventures. And when 2019 takes you to Berlin, be sure to pick up the high five with your name on it with us at the Amstel House. We can’t wait to make your Berlin trip your best city trip yet. And we’ll happily help you with tips on how to travel more right here at the hostel.

Xoxo Amstel House Staff